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Iyengar: The Ideal Yoga for Athletes?

Yoga is for everyone. But not every type of yoga is for everyone. Here's a guide to help you figure out if Iyengar yoga is right for you.

4 Things Your Morning Routine Shouldn't Lack

How you start your day will affect you for a good 24 hours. And when you continuously start your morning right, it could affect you in the long run...

Easy Yoga Poses to Stretch Out Stiff Ankles

Whether you have tight ankles or your recovering after a sprain, here's a sequence of yoga poses you can do anywhere to improve your ankle health a...

4 Morning Yoga Poses

Start your morning off on the right track by adding these four morning yoga poses to your shower routine.

What is Doga?

Improve your strength, flexibility and core with your pup in a doga class.


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