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10 Best iPhone Fitness Apps for 2013

Whether you want to lose weight or boost your performance, it's time to get the download on what's going to help you reach your goal. Here are some of

The New Rules of Marathon Nutrition

Want to get leaner for your next marathon? Active Expert Matt Fitzgerald studied the diets of elite runners for years, and shares their secrets.

How the Pros Stay Lean

Trimming down for peak performance is tricky, even for the pros. Take cues from successful elites to reach your ideal racing weight.

How to Lose Those Stubborn Last 10 Pounds

You've tried cutting portion sizes, calories, desserts and wine. You've even amped it up at the gym, but now you're stuck. Here are some helpful tips

Will I Run Faster If I Lose Weight?

Can losing a few pounds make it easier to achieve that PR? The answer goes beyond a simple yes or no. Coach Jay Johnson weighs in, and provides a sens


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