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Find cheerleading drills, stunts, and tips for tryouts and making the cheer team.


Cheerleading Articles & Advice

Conditioning Exercises for Cheer

These cheerspecific exercises will increase your fitness level so you’ll be ready to cheer for all four quarters.

6 Tips for Cheerleading Tryouts

Use these tips to calm your child’s nerves so he or she can have a successful experience at cheerleading tryouts.

Toe Touch Techniques

There are many ways to improve on your jumps. Some techniques are better than others depending on which jump you perform. Here are some quick tips ...

Tips On Having a Good Cheer Try-out

With tryouts fast approaching, many cheerleaders find themselves overcome with a mixture of emotions, ranging from anxiety to excitement. Next to a...

Cheerleading: The Most Dangerous Sport

When you think of sports injuries, full contact sports like football probably come to mind. However, one of the most dangerous sports is cheerleading.

Leg Exercises for Cheerleaders

Strong legs are important in all aspects of cheerleading, from stunts to gymnastics to jumps. Here are a few exercises to help strengthen your legs...


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