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Key Principles of Open Water Drafting

Understanding where to position yourself while drafting in open water is crucial to maximizing its effects. So why are you still swimming directly beh

6 Triathlon Mistakes to Avoid

You'll learn a lot from your first triathlon but you don't have to waste a good race learning these six lessons. Here's what you need to know to avoid

A Training Plan for the Casual Triathlete

You like sports...all sports. It only makes sense that you'd want to try triathlon, but you don't want to give up all the other fun things you do. Her

Self Care: 6 Tools to Keep on Hand

Who needs a massage when you have an arsenal of healing tools at home. From the traditional foam roller to trigger point therapy kits, these six items

How to Plan Your Race Calendar

A new year means new triathlon goals. But what's the best way to achieve those goals? Active Expert Gale Bernhardt answers common questions that arise

Are You Addicted to Endurance Training?

Have you been accused of being obsessed with endurance exercise? pffft! You're just misunderstood: You exercise simply to stay healthy, right? Take t


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