How to Train for Your First 5K

Food is Fuel

You are what you eat. Your workouts are fueled by the food you eat every day. Keep a log of what you consume daily and it will give you a better perspective of what goes into your system.

If you are having trouble dropping the weight you wanted or just not feeling strong while running, it could have something to do with how you fuel your body day to day. Eat smaller, more frequent meals well balanced with fruits, veggies, lean protein and even fats too. Skipping meals is the quickest way to gain weight and decrease the performance of your next workout.

Every workout is a piece of the puzzle.

Think of your car and how it runs. If you run out of fuel, the car simply doesn't move. If you put dirty fuel into the tank or no fuel at all, the car won't run efficiently. Food is fuel and the ticket to your next strong running workout and recovery.


Keep track, stay motivated and have fun. Track your progress along the way. Keep track of your running time, mileage, mood, shoe mileage and more.

Every workout is a piece of the puzzle and will guide you in figuring out your running recipe. Train with a buddy and make a commitment to meet them regularly. Run with a group or train with a team for charity.

The more fun it is, the more you will want to do it again. Schedule a session with a buddy, take a new route and try something new.

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