Diet-to-Go Review: A Convenient Approach to Healthy Eating

Diet to go

When it comes to losing weight fast, a few key principles apply no matter what type of training you’re doing. Diet and nutrition reign supreme, but even if you're equipped with the best weight loss apps on the market, not having your caloric intake and micro-nutrients zoned in can yield lackluster results. Aside from weight loss, a proper diet can also provide various benefits, including protection from disease and reduced inflammation.

And while most people agree that eating healthy is important, the work involved can make it difficult to implement. That’s why many people have been turning to Diet-to-Go, a meal delivery service that makes eating healthy more convenient. In this Diet-to-Go review, we’ll take a look at how their service works and the quality of their product so you can determine whether it’s a fit for your weight loss or fitness goals. 

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Diet-to-Go Review At a Glance


A national healthy food delivery service, Diet-To-Go seeks to provide a simple, hassle-free option for people to eat healthy and lose weight.

What We Like

  • Variety of food options (300+ meals on a rotating basis)
  • Menus to fit various dietary restrictions or methodologies, including Keto and Whole30
  • Ability to personalize menu, delivery, and food choices
  • Dieticians available to consult with and answer questions
  • One of the most flavorful food delivery services on the market
  • Can pause, modify or cancel subscription at any time
  • Doctor-approved menus for diabetics
  • Ships nationwide
  • Less expensive compared to many competitors

What We Don't Like

  • No vegan, kosher or gluten-free meals available
  • Might be too costly to use long-term
  • Not ideal for people with severe food allergies 

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What is Diet-to-Go?

As meal delivery services have exploded in popularity in recent years, Diet-to-Go distinguishes itself as one of the pioneers in this space. Founded in 1991 as a local food delivery business in Virginia, Diet-to-Go has been a champion of marrying healthy foods with a chef-level taste for over three decades.

The result of thirty years of innovation, Diet-to-Go is now a national food delivery service that delivers healthy, inspiring, freshly prepared meals to the doors of people all over the nation. Diet-to-Go has made it easy for clients by providing four menu options based on specific goals or dietary needs. After signing up, customers can modify their food choices, add additional meals or manage their weekly deliveries, all within an intuitive online platform.

Easy Set-up Process

The sign-up process is simple. After entering your zip code, you’re presented with an estimate of when your food will arrive.

The next step is to build your plan. You can choose from one of four menu options based on your specific needs.

Next, you can choose the number of meals you need based on how many days you want meals for (five or seven days per week) and how many meals you want per day (two or three meals per day). Based on this answer, Diet-to-Go presents you with the cost of your plan. After entering your shipping and billing information, you can start choosing meals immediately.

Building Your Weekly Diet-to-Go Delivery

Diet-to-Go's meal-building tool provides a visual calendar of your week divided between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The names and pictures of the meals are displayed so you can quickly see what is included in your next delivery. Click on any item to see its ingredients and nutrition information.

Variety of Meal Substitution Options

While other services allow you to swap meal choices, they’re often limited to just a few alternatives. Diet-to-Go allows you to replace any meal with nearly a dozen different options for each meal on your delivery plan.

Best-In-Class for Taste

Epicurious has rated Diet-to-Go as the #1 best-tasting food delivery service, beating out heavyweights such as Nutrisystem, Biggest Loser, and Jenny Craig. While taste is mostly subjective, most people who use this meal delivery service seem to enjoy the flavor of the meals and find them filling.

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Who Should Buy Diet-to-Go?

Anyone looking for a simple way to eat healthier could benefit from a meal delivery plan. It's also a great option for people trying to get into a particular form of eating like Keto or Whole30. The learning curve on these diets can be steep when you're first getting started. Diet-to-Go provides curated, prepared meals to help introduce you to various forms of eating. This allows you to determine what eating style is best for you while avoiding the hassle of shopping, prepping, measuring, preparing, and cleaning up.

And, for those with diabetes, finding food prep choices can be difficult. With Diet-to-Go, you can enjoy a specially curated menu designed for diabetics.

Diet-to-Go is ideal for:

  • People who are frequently on-the-go
  • Households with different dietary needs
  • People with physical limitations who can’t cook themselves
  • Those that lack access to healthy options
  • Anyone who prioritizes convenience
  • People who hate calculating calories or tracking their food

Diet-to-Go Menu Options

Currently, Diet-to-Go offers four menu options: Balanced, Balanced-D, Keto-Carb30, and Vegetarian. Within each menu are further options for customization, such as opting for no seafood, choosing your desired frequency, and adding more meals. You can make as many changes as possible to your delivery before it ships.

Balanced Menu Plan

As the name suggests, this plan emphasizes a balanced approach to macro-nutrients (proteins, fats, and carbohydrates). The most popular option they offer, the Balanced menu is considered the most flavorful and "true-to-restaurant" option of the four as it has more options when it comes to ingredients.

Tip: While you can lose weight on this plan, you must pay careful attention to the calories in each meal to ensure you're in a caloric deficit (which is based on your personal metabolic rate, genetic factors, height, weight, and age).


  • Low calorie and nutritionally-balanced
  • Moderate use of sodium to keep things heart healthy
  • Largest selection and variety of any other plan offered

Balanced-D Menu Plan

Balanced-D Menu Plan is like the Balanced plan but with modifications to accommodate individuals with diabetes. We appreciate that Diet-to-Go refused to sacrifice meal variety and taste. While many other providers offer a diminished version for diabetics, Diet-to-Go leveraged more exciting flavor profiles to keep their meal options top-notch.


  • Low calorie
  • Low sugar
  • Heart-healthy with low sodium, carbs, fats, and cholesterol

Keto-Carb30 Menu Plan

A growing amount of research suggests a number of positive benefits associated with low-carb diets. For those that prefer a more low carb, high protein approach, the Keto-Carb30 plan may be the right fit for you. Of all the other plans, this low-carb option utilizes meat, cheese, and eggs the most.


  • Keto-friendly with less than 30g of net carbs per day
  • Replaces carb calories with fat calories

Vegetarian Menu Plan

Diet-to-Go, has leaned heavily on the expertise of its chefs to ensure maximal flavor and a wide variety for those that prefer to go meat-free.

Features found in this plan:

  • Completely vegetarian
  • High in flavor, wide variety of meal choices
  • Heart-healthy
  • Utilizes protein sources such as dairy, eggs, and beans
  • Does contain some soy in several meals

Diet-to-Go Review Customer Testimonials

Check out what a few Diet-to-Go users have to say about the meal delivery service:

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Is Diet-to-Go Worth It?

Whether or not Diet-to-Go is worth it largely depends on your situation and needs. As far as convenience and simplicity go, this service makes it incredibly easy to stick to healthy eating. But whether you enjoy the meals and see yourself using a service like this long-term is up to you.

FAQs About Diet-to-Go

Is Diet-to-Go Frozen?

Yes, the Diet-to-Go meals are made flash-frozen which means they’re frozen quickly to prevent ice crystals from forming. This keeps the meals fresh-tasting and preservative-free. This also ensures freshness and quality as opposed to something that has sat in a freezer for weeks.

How Much Does Diet-to-Go Cost?

Generally, the plan can range anywhere from $18-$29 per day. The exact cost of a Diet-to-Go meal plan varies depending on which plan you choose, customizations you include, and the number of meals you opt for each week. To get a no-obligation pricing summary of how much your needs would cost, including shipping, you can use their plan builder tool—no email required.

Will Diet-to-Go Help Me Lose Weight?

The Diet-to-Go meals are low calorie and nutrition-dense, which makes them optimal for those with weight loss goals. But for any diet to work, there needs to be a caloric deficit in place for a prolonged period of time. When paired with physical activity and other lifestyle choices, Diet-to-Go can certainly aid in your weight loss journey.

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