10 Light Snacks That Won't Derail Your Diet

Brad's Raw Chips, Beet

"Earthy, whole-grain flavor." "An acquired taste."

What's Good: Beets and carrots deliver immune-boosting vitamin A; five times the fiber of traditional chips.

Benefit: Omega-3s in flaxseeds enhance bone density, a plus for cyclists prone to bone loss. 14 chips = 120 calories, 5g fat, 5g fiber, 4g protein, 100mg sodium.

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Good Health Natural Foods Veggie Stix

"Light and crunchy, with a distinct veggie flavor."

What's Good: Chock-full of spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, mushrooms, and vitamins.

Benefit: No fiber to cause stomach issues, plus 18 grams of carbs per serving, make these a great pre-ride option. 1 ounce = 130 calories, 5g fat, 0g fiber, 1g protein, 260mg sodium.

Terra Chips Terra Blues Potato Chips

"Firm and subtly salty." "A great potato chip."

What's Good: Three ingredients--blue potatoes, oil, and salt; triple the fiber and almost half the fat of traditional chips.

Benefit: Blue taters contain anthocyanins, which protect eyes from damaging rays. 1 ounce = 130 calories, 6g fat, 3g fiber, 2g protein, 115mg sodium.

Beanitos Black Bean Chipotle BBQ Chips

"Delicate with a great spicy flavor." "Heavily seasoned."

What's Good: The first ingredient is whole black beans; contains five times the fiber and twice the protein of most corn and potato chips

Benefit: Heart-healthy fiber helps lower cholesterol. 1 ounce = 140 calories, 7g fat, 5g fiber, 4g protein, 150mg sodium

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Mediterranean Snacks Parmesan Garlic Baked Lentil Chips

"Sturdy chip that begs for a flavorful dip."

What's Good: Triple the fiber, double the protein, and 70 percent less fat than regular chips.

Benefit: Protein plus potassium helps repair muscles and prevent cramping. 22 chips = 110 calories, 3g fat, 3g fiber, 4g protein, 170mg sodium.

Popcorn, Indiana Chip'ins All Natural Popcorn Chips, Classic BBQ

"A puffy, crispy Doritos-like chip with a smoky taste."

What's Good: Contains chili powder and paprika, not artificial dyes and chemicals.

Benefit: Cayenne and paprika combat post-exercise inflammation. 18 chips = 130 calories, 4g fat, 1g fiber, 2g protein, 220mg sodium.

Popchips, Sweet Potato

"Light and crispy." "Has a prominent sweet-potato flavor."

What's Good: Air-popped for 70 percent less fat than the deep-fried kind; only 100 calories per serving.

Benefit: The chip-to-calorie ratio will keep you light on your bike. 19 chips = 100 calories, 3g fat, 0g fiber, 1g protein, 95mg sodium.

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