How to Make Your Camera Waterproof

If you're a water lover—or just an outdoors lover in general, you know that some of your best memories of your most exciting adventures have been wet ones. Kayaking, canoeing, fishing, surfing, stand-up paddling, snorkeling, diving, heck—even going for a hike through a cool, summer shower—have all made outings you'll never forget.

But you don't need to buy some cheezy disposable camera or super expensive equipment to take great water shots. Here are some waterproof options, the best equipment to make your film, digital or iPhone camera watertight and tips for documenting your liquid adventures.

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Digital and Film Camera Waterhousings

You can purchase a casing for most cameras on the market—and you don't have to go with an ultra-expensive, professional option, either. For example, Canon PowerShot Waterproof cases will protect whichever PowerShot digital camera from seawater and sand. These types of housings run at about $150, fit like a glove, and your camera retains all its functionalities.

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Make sure your case is on right, secure and you've performed all the maintenance you need to. You don't want to submerge your goods in water only to find out your really expensive equipment ruined because you haven't used your casing correctly.

Liquid Image Water Sports Goggles

Unless you're snowboarding/skiing or diving underwater, you may feel a little silly wearing goggles while paddling a kayak, stand-up paddle board or doing other water-based activities—but how convenient is this? They're totally hands-free (aside from the settings and buttons) and?you can take the Scuba Series, VideoMask Series, Freestyle Series and Explorer Series underwater—they act as swim masks.

InnoPocket Amphibian iPhone Case

This case for your iPhone—whichever model you have—is form-fitting with a molded polycarbonate inner shell that's rigid and crush-proof. Whatever outdoor sport you're into—this is a perfect way to document your adventures, no matter what the weather, conditions and activity. Take underwater photos and videos with this, too.


Although this case was originally designed to evade the perils that our devices sometimes undergo—a fall into the toilet, sink, bathtub, swimming pool or any other shenanigans we may get into, electronics in pocket, you can also capture all your muddy, snowy, icy and wet adventures with this case. So go ahead and make that snowboarding playlist, video your next kayaking trip and make sure everyone knows just how big that fish was.


This endurance protective case for the iPhone 4 and 4S allows for all of your iPhone functons underwater and in any type of weather for protection through life's "thrills and spills." And on top of retaining camera functionality, DriSuit's headphone jack design allows for easy underwater listening.
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Christina Scannapiego is the Outdoors editor for She?loves yoga?and is fanatical about getting her?endorphins pumping outside.
Christina Scannapiego is the Outdoors editor for She?loves yoga?and is fanatical about getting her?endorphins pumping outside.

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