I Failed in My Marathon and Hit a Running Rock Bottom

It turns out quitting marathon training was wise. I didn't know it at the time, but a huge move was coming. Eight weeks after I stopped training, I took a new job (here, at ACTIVE), and moved from Pennsylvania to Dallas. Instead of training, I packed, spent time with my friends and lifted heavy things at CrossFit. I took the time to reset myself and get ready for the next challenge in my life.

On the day of the Wineglass Marathon, I unloaded my moving truck and then went for a calm three-mile run on a new trail. It wasn't 26.2 in under four hours, but it meant more. I was out of running shape, sure, but able to forgive myself for my slow pace. For the first time in so long, running felt fun.

December will mark the first week of my new running life.
A few weeks later, a co-worker brought up the #LastChanceChallenge, a new thing we're doing at ACTIVE (check us out on Instagram for daily workouts and motivation) to help everyone stay on track through December in preparation for the New Year. I told her how I'd ruined my running year, missed my marathon, had basically quit until I moved to Texas. I said that I needed the challenge more than anyone.

So here's my kicking off point. December will mark the first week of my new running life. I know what you're thinking—but no, my Last Chance Challenge will not be about signing up for another marathon in hopes of meeting an arbitrary time goal (though I do have a race on my schedule). It's about sparking my love of running again and keeping that flame ignited all next year.

The idea behind last chance challenge is that you can take control of the month of December. Don't wait until January to make your fitness goals a reality. We understand (I clearly do) when things get off track. But this is me telling you that it is possible to refocus and get back to what matters.

So starting December 1, follow along for our 15-day challenge. On Instagram, the other ACTIVE editors and I will be exploring new workouts, fitting quick HIIT circuits into our busy lives, and just getting ready to be our best selves in 2018 (be on the lookout for New Year, New You!). We want you to join in. This sliver of time before the holidays will be my time of redemption, and I will redeem myself and my apparent failures by making a point to be more kind and forgiving and flexible in my training. See you on the run.
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