5 Gluten-Free, High-Carb Meals for Runners

Turkey Cheddar Quesadilla

When runners think of carbs, they often forget about corn. But this whole grain—and foods made from it, like corn tortillas—are rich in complex carbohydrates and fiber, which will keep you fuller longer. Some corn tortillas are also a good source of calcium because they're made from corn that's soaked in calcium hydroxide, making more nutrients available for absorption. Sliced apple and jam add energizing carbohydrates.

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To Make It: Heat a toaster oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Rub two 6-inch 100 percent corn tortillas with water (to prevent them from drying out). Spread 1 teaspoon fig jam on each tortilla and sprinkle with salt. Set one tortilla on a foil-lined pan. Cover with thin slices of cheddar, four thin apple slices and two slices of turkey. Top with the other tortilla. Bake until warm, 5 minutes.

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Penne with Shrimp and Pesto

Although early versions of gluten-free pasta were often gummy and bland, today's improved products—made from whole grains like rice, quinoa and amaranth—have a taste and texture closer to the wheat variety. And they provide just as many carbs to fuel your run. Just be sure to read the product label. "Look for gluten-free pasta that's enriched with iron and B vitamins," says Davis. "Otherwise, it provides carbs but not much else." Tossing in green beans provides B vitamins. (Should you give up wheat entirely? Learn The Truth About a Gluten-Free Diet.)

To Make It: Cook 2 cups of penne according to the package directions. Two minutes before the pasta is done, add 1 cup trimmed, halved green beans and 8 ounces peeled shrimp. Two minutes later, drain the pasta, shrimp and beans in a colander. Return to the pot and stir in 1 cup halved cherry tomatoes and 1/4 cup pesto.

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