6 Homemade Energy Drinks and Bars for Athletes

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As an endurance athlete, you need fuel to pull through your workouts. When you exercise, you are going to sweat and burn through your fuel to keep your hard-working muscles pumping. Losing sweat means losing fluids, sodium and other electrolytes. Plain water is great for hydration, but when you are doing any vigorous activity for more than 60 minutes, you need more. Electrolytes, minerals and simple carbohydrates are needed for energy. There are tons of commercial sports energy drinks and bars on the market, but usually the ingredient list is long and questionable. Store bought items are convenient, but after a while the high sugar content can make your stomach do flip flops. And it can get pretty expensive on the way.

Making your own homemade energy drinks and bars is easier than you think. Take some time to whip up a batch or two of each, and you'll be set for the whole week.

Homemade Gatorade (All-Natural Sports Drink with Electrolytes) 

This recipe has all the electrolytes from Gatorade but without the extra sugar or additives—and way cheaper.

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Homemade Lemon Sports Drink 

With less than five ingredients, it doesn't get any easier than this simple sports drink that will quench your thirst and replenish lost electrolytes.

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Homemade Citrus Energy Drink 

This homemade sports drink hits all the essentials—fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrates to keep you hydrated and energized for all your endurance activities.

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Three-Ingredient Cookie Bites 

With just three simple ingredients and no added sugar, this cookie bite packs a powerful punch of nutrients and energy.

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Slow Cooker Steel Cut Oats Energy Bar 

These gluten-free peanut butter and banana energy bars are made with steel cut oats for a nutrient-dense snack on the go. All you need to do is mix the ingredients and set the slow cooker to do all the work.

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The Essential Nut and Seed Granola Bar 

All it takes is 15 minutes to whip up this easy no-bake granola bar. It's filled with power foods like oats, pumpkin seeds, almond butter and brown rice syrup for a little sweetness to fuel your day.

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