My First Triathlon: 15 Things I Learned

It's amazing what a glass of wine can lead to. I was in Napa chatting with this lovely lady. Our conversation went from our Napa trip to triathlons. I expressed how I was a runner, yogi and gym fanatic. And I was very clear that I would never do a triathlon. Little did I know she was the PR manager for Toyota Brand and Marketing Communication, Sona Iliffe-Moon. She mentioned how she was putting together a team of ladies to represent Toyota in the Toyota SheRox Tri. I said, "That's great! Good luck with that." A week later I received an email saying I was signed up for the SheRox triathlon. After numerous emails trying to get out of the event, Moon simply said, "I'm doing it; it's my first tri and I'm not a runner, but you are, so we will be in the same boat together." That certainly got me. I emailed everyone I knew who had done tris for advice. Taking their advice, and discovering some mishaps along my journey to the finish line, I share with you what I learned at my first triathlon.

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