Four Drills to Improve Your Cycling at Any Age

Cycling is the sport that can easily be picked up as an adult. In fact a few years back many triathlon elite recruiters ranked potential athletes based on their run and swim talent alone. Cycling could be ignored for this purpose. The thinking is that if they have the engine they can always be taught to ride the bike as technique is not as crucial an element. However, just as in swimming and running we can still do drills to improve our pedaling technique. Proper technique can save you energy and utilizing the proper muscles can save your quads and ultimately get you better performances.

Here are my top three cycling drills that you can easily incorporate to any ride but especially indoors. Not to mention that this will add variety to your indoor trainer riding. I live in Boulder, Colorado and one winter during a long ride I got passed by a pro cyclist on a long downhill. I quickly got on his slipstream and stayed with him. Once we got to the flats I kept up and he turns to me and says "go ahead man, I'm going to be doing some drills". Really? Maybe I can do them with you I said. As you can see drills are not reserved for the beginner cyclist. Below are my top four drills. All of these drills should be performed for one minute on and one minute off. Do not use a big gear. The objective is pedaling technique and not the use of high forces and strength.

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