6 Ways to Beat Post-Race Depression

Do Something Physical

It doesn't need to be swimming, biking or running, but it's smart to keep moving. "Once the endorphins fall off, people start to get in trouble," says Michael Ricci, USAT Level 3 Elite Coach and President of D3 Multisport. "Do core work or go walk a set of stairs four times a day." Or try Crossfit, TRX, yoga, cross-country skiing, or any other activities you didn't have time for during the season.

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You know all those things you wished you were doing instead of being in the pool at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning? Now is the time to do them.

Look Back at the Season

"I recommend doing some really conscious journaling and reflecting on the season," says Smith. "For some people, journaling is like pulling teeth. If you're one of those people, start this process just by writing a post-race report," says Smith. The rest may flow from there. If it's too hard to just sit down and wing it, Smith recommends writing down these things:

  • Five things that went well this season
  • Five goals you accomplished, and any that you did not accomplish
  • Which workouts you liked best and why
  • What your favorite part of the season was and why

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Look Ahead to Next Season

Use the information you've compiled, sit down with your computer and a calendar, and plan your next racing season.

The information from last season will also give you a pretty clear picture of what you need to work on in the offseason, too.

Nothing gets you out of today's malaise or low mood like getting excited about the future. Even better, rope your friends into one or more of your upcoming races.

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