Review: SCARPA Spin Planet Trail Shoe

SCARPA Spin Planet

As environmental awareness takes center stage, the world of trail running shoes is witnessing a revolutionary shift towards sustainability. Enter the SCARPA Spin Planet ($159) – a trail shoe that not only prioritizes environmental responsibility but also delivers unmatched comfort and durability for avid trail enthusiasts. 

For those not familiar with SCARPA in the running shoe realm, this Italian brand, which is better known for its skiing, mountaineering, and climbing gear, is making waves in off-road running – recently taking Aurélien Dunand-Pallaz to victory in the 2023 Hardrock 100.  

A Green Revolution 

The heart of the Spin Planet's eco-friendly appeal lies in its unwavering commitment to sustainability. With an upper crafted entirely from 100% recycled materials and a midsole composed of 45% recycled content, SCARPA is redefining trail shoe design. This green ethos not only minimizes environmental impact but also showcases the potential for creating high-performance shoes using recycled materials. 

Unrivaled Comfort 

Comfort is the cornerstone of any trail shoe, and the SCARPA Spin Planet checks all the right boxes in this category. From the moment you lace up, you’ll notice how snug and secure the shoe wraps around your foot, courtesy of its uniquely engineered integrated tongue. Nice and thin, this tongue provides ample protection from laces, guards the foot from debris sneaking in, and won’t slide out of place as the miles rack up. 

   For those tackling longer distances, rest assured the Spin Planet provides ample room in the toe box to allow for natural foot expansion plus boosts it comfort rating with an adequately padded heel cup that’s completely free of any plastic components.  Unlike other roomy shoes that leave you sliding around, the Spin Planet's just-right padding provides support without compromising your hard-as-nails trail runner status. 

Durable for the Long Haul 

SCARPA is here to flip the script on sustainability.  Up to this point, eco-friendly shoes have created skepticism amongst consumers due to their quick break-down, unresponsiveness, and overall lack of performance. Yet, the Spin Planet emerges to set a new standard. 

With its tightly woven synthetic material, SCARPA’s innovative use of completely recycled fabric in the shoe’s upper not only ensures extreme breathability but flexes the ability to outlast even the toughest terrain without signs of wear and tear.  

Most importantly, the Spin Planet’s midsole retains resilience even after clocking hundreds of miles; a dream come true for the eco-conscious runner.  Equipped with a broader base and a 4mm drop, the curvature of the midsole towards the toe facilitates a rocker effect and promotes mid-foot striking – encouraging a quicker cadence and an efficient upright posture. 

The long-lasting Presa outsole transitions seamlessly between road-to-trail conditions while maintaining superior grip on wet surfaces you may encounter along the way, thanks to a 3-zoned approach to its multi-directional lugs.  This meticulously designed outsole strikes the ideal balance, withstanding the challenges of rugged trails without compromising performance. 

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In Conclusion 

In the quest for an eco-friendly, sustainable trail shoe that doesn't compromise on comfort and durability, the SCARPA Spin Planet emerges as a trailblazer. As the trail running community increasingly embraces environmentally conscious choices, this shoe proves that you can tread lightly on the planet without sacrificing performance or comfort. Lace up a pair, hit the trails, and leave nothing but eco-friendly footprints in your wake. 


Our Testers Thoughts On the SCARPA Spin Planet:

First Impressions:
- On an initial walk, I was concerned with the overlays on the shoe’s upper and how they cut into my foot where the shoe bends.  After breaking them in, that sensation disappeared.

- It took a minute to get the laces just right so that the tongue didn’t bunch up, but the time was well spent.  It felt snug and secure across and super roomy in the toe box.

What I Liked:
- What impressed me the most is how well this shoe performs in wet conditions.  I can confidently run across slippery rocks without worry and it was incredible how fast they could drain water and dry after hopping through several water crossings.

- I really like the fit and feel of this shoe!  After a 25 mile test-drive run, the thing that stood out most was around the nice balance of firmness and cushion.  I would definitely reach for these for longer runs or ultra distances.

Areas of Improvement:
- I couldn’t find a way to heel lock my laces well enough.  That being said, the heel slips a bit on me and I almost lost my shoes to some mud pits.

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