Unleashing the Under Armour SlipSpeed Mega: Versatility Meets Innovation

UA SlipSpeed Mega

Brace yourselves for the game-changer of 2024 – the Under Armour SlipSpeed Mega is set to hit the shelves on February 14th, redefining the boundaries of performance and style. This newest iteration in the SlipSpeed lineup takes everything we adore about the trainer and elevates it to a new level, catering to the bold, style-forward athlete.

Under Armor SlipSpeed Mega was first debuted at UA Next athletes at the beginning of the 2024 at their All-America camp and had a very limited release in early January with two exclusive colorways of Fire & Ice. More colorways to come when officially released on Valentine’s Day!

Key Features Redefined:

UA SlipSpeed Mega

The SlipSpeed Mega boasts unmatched comfort, ground contact, and traction with UA Flow Cushioning. Experience a whisper-quiet stride as you train, free from any distracting squeaks. Could be one of Under Armour’s most comfortable shoes out there.

Immerse your feet in a reinforced, supportive material with engineered venting for a fresh and breathable upper. Stay cool and confident during every phase of your training, from warmups to game days.

Achieve a personalized fit like never before with the Click Boa® Fit System. This 12-point lockdown system allows for micro-adjustments, ensuring a secure fit with every click.

Enjoy heel-to-toe interior foam padding enhanced with Iso-Chill technology. The SlipSpeed Mega's padded interior not only provides exceptional comfort but also keeps things cool to the touch, ensuring optimum performance.

Convenience takes center stage with the SlipSpeed Mega's machine washable feature. Keep your shoes fresh and clean effortlessly, ensuring they're ready for the next challenge.

The signature Convertible Heel allows you to seamlessly transition from train mode to recover mode, adapting to every aspect of your dynamic lifestyle.

The SlipSpeed Mega isn't just a shoe; it's a versatile companion engineered for all-day wear. With UA Flow and Iso-Chill technologies, the BOA® Fit System, and the innovative “crushable” heel design, this shoe pushes the boundaries of performance and style.

UA SlipSpeed Mega

Crushable Heel Technology:

The UA SlipSpeed™ introduces heel folding technology, ensuring a comfortable underfoot experience without compromising performance. Crush the heel without crushing performance attributes, and dial in for tough reps or release tension for relaxed wear with the BOA® Fit System.

Our Testers Thoughts on the Under Armour SlipSpeed Mega


First Impressions:
- I was nervous about have the BOA® Fit System on a pair of running shoes, rather than traditional shoe laces, as it wasn’t something I was familar with but having the ability to fine to the fit I need is AMAZING.

What I Liked:
- I really like the convertible heal, having the ability just to slip them on to quickly but when I need the lock in, when putting on some miles, I can quickly and easily pull the heal up.

Areas of Improvement: 
- My biggest long term concern is the BOA system, and the longevity of it. This is my first pari of shoes that have this on them so I don’t have enough experience with it. Time will tell here.

- I have worn several UA shoes in the past and these by far are the most comfortable and cushioned UA shoes out there. They are true to size and with the ability to customize the feel, via the BOA® system gives you max comfort with just a turn of the dail.

Final Thoughts:
- If you are looking for a great versatile shoe, these are the ones. Easy to slip on for a quick walk, errands or even after the gym to slipping fully into the shoe for your and locking in for your run or intense gym workout. I can’t stress enough the comfort in these Under Armour shoes, I can wear these all day.


Grounded in UA Flow Technology:

Rooted in UA Flow technology, the same proprietary foam compound used in Stephen Curry’s signature Curry Flow line, the SlipSpeed Mega delivers lightweight cushioning and pioneering traction for unrivaled comfort and performance.

Get ready to redefine your training experience with the Under Armour SlipSpeed Mega, where innovation, versatility, and style converge. Save the date—February 14th, 2024—for the unveiling of your next favorite pair.


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