How to Make Running in the Rain a Little Less Miserable

runners in the rain

There are two types of runners: Those that love running in the rain and those that think it's the most miserable thing ever.

But both sides can agree that it's no fun to be running in the rain for a long time no matter your feelings toward it. It's hard to find anything peaceful and uplifting about being soaked to the bone after hours of pounding the pavement. Even if it is a warm rain, you are going to get cold at some point. Slopping in soaked shoes that weigh 10,000 pounds is not pretty and definitely not peaceful!

That being said, most runners are going to run regardless of the weather. Here's what to wear when Mother Nature opens the skies on your next run.


There's nothing worse than having rain pellets sting your face and eyes. Having a wide brim hat will help protect your face and you'll be able to see better so maybe you can avoid some of the puddles.

If it's a colder run (30 degrees or so), add a wide headband over the hat to add warmth to your ears. Or you can toss a shower cap over your hat as we saw so many do in the chilly downpour of the Boston Marathon in 2018.


Runners are always searching for the absolute best running jacket for the rain. Jackets that are waterproof work well in keeping you dry from the rain (although not completely dry), but they don't breathe at all. You'll stay dry from the rain but will end up sweating more, which still makes for a soaked shirt. A light rain-resistant jacket or vest is still a good idea to keep your core temp up and hold in body heat.

If you are running a race, a trash bag or emergency poncho works well too and will make for some memorable race photos!

Wicking Socks

No matter how much you try to avoid puddles, your feet are going to get wet, so it's best to wear socks that will at least keep your feet a little warm. Reach for wool socks, which are great for keeping that warmth in and won't weigh a thousand pounds when wet.

A Good Attitude

Going into a run or race with a horrible attitude never helps the situation. Focusing on what you can control swings the pendulum from Negative Nancy to Positive Polly. You can't change the weather, but you can change your attitude. It's best to embrace it and just have fun!

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