Beer and Running: Two Hops in a Pod

beer running group

In today's day and age, it's very likely you've seen people dressed in their active wear making a stop at the grocery store, chatting at the coffee shop or even lounging at happy hour.

But if they're in short shorts and worn running shoes with a brew in their hand, there's a good chance they just had a very legitimate workout before throwing back a cold one.

"The combination of running and beer is priceless," says Kyle Blaikie, who, along with his wife, Angie, started Sloppy Moose Running Club in Sacramento, California, in 2013.

After a three-mile run, the group meets at its headquarters, New Helvetia Brewery, which serves up great beer, according to Blaikie.

Beer-drinking running clubs have popped up all over the nation, with more people deciding that beer makes the perfect treat after a run.

"We have some runners who drink a little beer, and we also have beer drinkers that run a few miles," Blaikie says.

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