Best Cabin Rentals Across the U.S.

Picture your ideal cabin in the woods. What do you see? Is it a simple log home tucked away in the wilderness? Is there a lake, a hiking trail or a local forest to explore? Whatever your vision, the view from the porch should be stunning. Here are a few of the best spots for cabin rentals across the U.S. Be sure to reserve one for your next camping trip.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

Golden, Colorado
Cabin type: Modern

Look out your cabin window to see a picturesque colorado landscape of rolling pine-covered hills and tall aspen groves. The cabin, which can comfortably fit six people, comes furnished with one twin bunk bed and one double bunk bed, a natural gas heater, and table and chairs. There's electricity available inside the cabin, but campers must cook all their food on the grill out front. However, if you're stuck in bad weather, the park allows you to cook inside on a small camp stove.

There are also yurts available that are furnished similarly to the cabins. There are also two large cabins, with a full kitchen and multiple rooms for parties of up to 30 people.

Bruneau Dunes State Park

Mountain Home, Idaho
Cabin type: Modern

Come witness the sheer majesty of the tallest, single-structured sand dune in North America. A 470-foot sand dune is surrounded by a diverse terrain of prairies, marsh, lakes and desert. At this geographically diverse state park there are two cabins for rent. Each one comes with a bunk bed and rollaway bed, electricity and air conditioning. With no kitchen, plan to cook outside over the fire pit, and enjoy your dinner on the small porch.

When you're not relaxing at the cabin, you can enjoy wildlife viewing such as birdwatching. You can also climb the dunes and explore on a number of hiking trails.

McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park

Burney, California
Cabin type: Primitive

If you want to rent a simple cabin to escape from your hectic life, this is the place for you. Choose from two sizes: 18-foot with twin-size bunk beds, or 24-foot with two sets of twin-size bunk beds. With one room, these cabins are just large enough for 4 to 6 people. You'll do all your cooking and relaxing outside on the porch and around the fire pit. Any additional visitors can pitch a tent and stay outside, too.

Don't spend too much time at the cabin though. This state park is known for Burney Falls, a 100-foot waterfall, as well as hiking trails and water sports.

Black Rock Park

Buchanan Dam, Texas
Cabin type: Modern

Ancient oaks stand guard over campers at this scenic park in Texas. The cabins, which look more like small modern homes, have air conditioning, heat and electricity. The cabin rentals can sleep up to five people, in four beds, but all cooking must be done outside on the grill or fire pit. With a waterfront view, these cabins are prime real estate in the Black Rock Park.

Kring Point State Park

Redwood, New York
Cabin type: Modern

Located just east of the Alexandria Bay, nearly every camper is privy to scenic views of the waterfront from their cabin. Bunk beds provide a comfortable place to sleep at night, and a fridge and microwave make it easy to cook and store food.

Without a stove, however, you'll do most of your cooking over the fire, which makes your cabin experience feel a bit more like traditional camping.

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