8 Halloween Camping Spots Best for Paranormal Experiences

Who doesn't love a good campfire-story scare? But instead of bringing the ghost stories with you, why not go Halloween camping at one of America's many "haunted" campgrounds that come already equipped with some eerie supernatural legends?

And you thought Blair Witch was just a bad movie...

Winter Island Park, Salem, Massachusetts

Sure, Winter Island may be one of the only locations in Massachusetts with waterfront campsites and a beach named after Waikiki in Hawaii—but let's not forget that this pleasant, green, wooded, rocky island once guarded a town that hanged 19 people for witchcraft in the 1600s.

The Salem Witch Trials also saw 17 so-called witches die awaiting their trials. One man, Giles Corey, refused to take part in his trial, maintaining his innocence, and was crushed to death with stones slowly being placed his chest over a period of two days.

A fort, originally built in 1643, still stands strong on the island off of Salem. And while Salem now celebrates Halloween with a huge festival called the Halloween Ball, those sitting around a campfire on Winter Island may be more quietly reminded of the British Colony's haunting past.

Bottomless Lake State Campground, Roswell, New Mexico

Even though the lakes are bottomless in name only, the creepiest part of camping at Bottomless Lake is its proximity to Roswell, the place of countless UFO sightings and the famed Area 51. Sure, by day, swimming, fishing, hiking and beach volleyball followed by a gorgeous, firey sunset seems far from bone-chilling—but just wait until you find yourself out for a night hike underneath a wide open sky and nowhere to hide.

Devil's Tombstone Campground

It's one of the oldest campgrounds in the Catskill Forest Preserve, surrounded by some of the highest peaks in the mountain range. The campground is located in Stone Grove, which was rumored to be one of the devil's favorite locations when the area was being settled.

The Devil's Path is great for those who aren't afraid of one of the toughest—and most demon-riddled—hikes in the Eastern United States.

Atlantic Blueberry Hill, The Pine Barrens, New Jersey

A few stories exist to explain the Jersey Devil, who supposedly haunts the strange Pine Barrens of?South Jersey. And even though Atlantic Blueberry Hill? is located just 13 miles from Atlantic City's bustling boardwalk, the quiet and often desolate?pine forest makes camping at night feel downright isolated—especially since the area has supposedly been terrorized by the Jersey Devil for more than two centuries.

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