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June 19, 2024

2024 Sunrise Showcase 7 on 7 Camp

FIU Stadium • 11310 SW 17th St MiamiFL  33175 Organized by Mike MacIntyre Football Camps, LLC
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High school team 7 on 7 tournament hosted by Mike MacIntyre Football Camps LLC. ** ALL CAMPERS MUST HAVE A COMPLETED WAIVER UPON CHECK IN TO PARTICIPATE ** 20 campers and 1 coach allowed per team (each additional coach is $10 for tshirt and lunch) Game Rules Length of Game: 17 minutes, running clock with no half-time, no timeouts, 7 minute break between games. No clock stoppages (Including for injuries – unless severe) Prior to the start of the game clock for pool play, a coin toss will determine who gets ball first. Teams will be assigned their side of the coin by official. During playoffs, lower number team gets ball first (8 vs 14 = 8 seed gets the ball first) Each possession starts from the left hash on the 40-yard line From the 40, offense has 3 downs to get to the 25 From the 25, offense has 4 downs to score The offense is allowed 1 coach on the field behind the LOS. Defense is not allowed any. All players not in game have to stay of the field at all times. Teams must provide someone to snap the ball. The snapper is responsible for spotting the ball with dot provided. On all plays, there will be a “One Thousand One, One Thousand Two, One Thousand Three, Sack” count by the official. The ball must be thrown before the start of the word “sack” or the play will be whistled dead resulting in loss of down at same spot. False start/illegal formation = loss of down. Defense offsides = 5 yd. penalty Bad snaps/snaps that hit the ground should be picked up and played under the same 3 second sack count. Interceptions cannot be returned (Will be whistled dead) Fumbles will be whistled dead at the spot where ball was lost, no change of possession, unless on the last down (TOD) Ball carriers are down when touched below the neck with 1 hand No run plays and no rush/blitz on defense. Will result in 15 yd penalty and automatic 1st down. No blocking allowed. If block is called the ball will be spotted where the ball was when the block th


FIU Stadium

11310 SW 17th St MiamiFL  33175

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