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January 14 - March 24, 2024

Online: W24 Sun Drawing Light & Form 1 w/Devin Cecil-Wishing

Online Session • 4604 11th Street Long Island CityNY  11101-5305 Organized by Grand Central Atelier
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In this course, students will push their ability to conceptualize light and form as we model in graphite to effect an illusion of three dimensionality. We will discuss the fundamentals and nuances of how light works with the aim of learning to depict light on a two dimensional surface. During this time, students will learn to think about their drawings in sculptural terms by utilizing a conceptual model of light fall which will allow for a greater sense of depth and volume in their finished drawings. By starting without reference, students will learn to render their drawings conceptually. We will begin by working from imagination, picking a direction for a light source, and rendering simple geometric forms, three dimensionally. By temporarily taking away our subject matter, or visual reference, students will be forced to work out conceptually how their forms need to be relating to the light. As we progress, the projects will begin to include more and more variables, such as cast shadows, objects of different local values put together in one picture, and highlights (or specular reflections). This will be a great and unique opportunity to push our conceptual understanding of light and form. Once students have moved through this series of exercises exploring light and form in pure, conceptual terms, we will return to studies from life with a whole new level of understanding in regards to how to model light and form in a convincing way. During the second portion of the class, we will focus on taking the conceptual understanding that we built up in the first half and putting it into practice to create a more convincing illusion of reality in drawings done directly from life. We will start by covering the basics of how to approach an initial linear drawing, or “block-in” focusing on the various techniques that we can employ as we strive for accuracy in shape, proportion and gesture. Using plaster casts as our subjects, we will then move straight into modeling.


January 14 - March 24, 2024


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Online Session

4604 11th Street Long Island CityNY  11101-5305

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