Skechers Go Golf Max 3 Shoes Review


As the golf season is upon us, we are all eagerly preparing to hit the greens and enjoy the sport we love. One often overlooked yet critical aspect of preparation is selecting the right golf shoes. Golf shoes are indispensable for maintaining balance and stability throughout the swing, which can significantly impact performance. With features like spiked soles that provide traction and support, these shoes help golfers navigate various terrains and weather conditions found on the course. Investing in a good pair of golf shoes not only enhances comfort but also plays a pivotal role in optimizing a golfer's overall game.

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Introduction: The Importance of Quality Golf Shoes

When it comes to golf, every detail counts. From the clubs you swing to the shoes you wear, each element plays a crucial role in your overall performance and comfort on the course. Quality golf shoes are more than just a piece of athletic wear; they provide stability, enhance traction, and keep your feet dry and comfortable throughout your game. In this review, we delve into the Skechers Go Golf Max 3 shoes, exploring their design, performance, and how they stack up against other popular brands.

Overview: Skechers Go Golf Max 3 Design and Technical Specifications

The Skechers Go Golf Max 3 shoes are designed with the modern golfer in mind. These shoes combine practicality with style, ensuring that you look good while performing at your best. Key features include:

  • Design: Athletic mesh fabric and synthetic upper that promotes breathability.
  • Comfort: Goga Max insole provides high-rebound cushioning for added comfort.
  • Traction: Durable rubber outsole with spikeless design for versatile traction.
  • Waterproofing: H2GO Shield waterproof protection ensures your feet stay dry.


Performance Review: Stability, Traction, and Waterproofing


Stability is paramount for any golfer, and the Skechers Go Golf Max 3 shoes deliver. The combination of the Goga Max insole and a well-structured midsole provides excellent support, reducing foot fatigue during long games. The shoes maintain a solid stance, even on uneven terrain, allowing for a smooth and confident swing.


Traction is another critical factor, and the spikeless design of the Skechers Go Golf Max 3 does not disappoint. The durable rubber outsole features a unique pattern that grips the ground effectively, preventing slips and enhancing your footing. This design proves beneficial on various surfaces, from wet grass to dry fairways.


The H2GO Shield waterproof protection is a standout feature, particularly for those early morning rounds when dew is prevalent. The shoes keep your feet dry without compromising breathability, maintaining comfort throughout your game.

A good pair of shoes are ones that you don't even notice you have on. Walked 36 holes and could have walked another 36. They certainly deliver on the All-Day comfort!
S.G. from Texas

User Experience

"Absolutely love the comfort these shoe bring. I can wear them all day without my feet getting tired."

"The spikeless soles add traction and grip when you most need it. The waterproofing was great, no issues here!"

Areas For Improvement

"Would love them to be have a bit more modern shoe style, but really grasping for something here. A great shoe!"

"There was a bit of a break in periods and the uppers of the shoes were a bit stiff."

Final Thoughts

Overall, my experience with the Skechers Go Golf Max 3 has been exceptional. These shoes have exceeded my expectations in terms of comfort, support, and durability. The lightweight design and ample cushioning have allowed me to walk the course with ease, while the spiked soles have provided excellent traction on various surfaces. Additionally, the stylish appearance of the shoes has not gone unnoticed by my fellow golfers. For anyone in search of a reliable and comfortable golf shoe, I highly recommend giving the Skechers Go Golf Max 3 a try. They have truly made a remarkable difference in my game.


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Choosing the Right Golf Shoes: Why Skechers Go Golf Max 3?


Selecting the right golf shoes depends on individual needs and playing styles. Here are some tips to consider, with a focus on the Skechers Go Golf Max 3:
  • Identify Your Playing Conditions: If you often play in wet conditions, the waterproof H2GO Shield is invaluable.
  • Consider Comfort and Fit: The Goga Max insole offers exceptional comfort, making it suitable for those who play long rounds.
  • Evaluate Traction Needs: The spikeless design ensures versatile traction, ideal for a variety of surfaces.

Conclusion: Try Skechers Go Golf Max 3 for Yourself


The Skechers Go Golf Max 3 shoes are a solid investment for any golfer seeking comfort, stability, and performance. With features that cater to various playing conditions and styles, these shoes stand out as a reliable choice in the competitive market of golf footwear.

Ready to elevate your game? Give the Skechers Go Golf Max 3 a try and experience the difference for yourself. Visit our website or your nearest retailer to secure your pair today.



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Stephen Gendreau

Stephen is the Editor in Chief for He has been running been involved in the fitness industry for more than 10 years but has been running or playing sports for most of his life.

Stephen is the Editor in Chief for He has been running been involved in the fitness industry for more than 10 years but has been running or playing sports for most of his life.

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