Creative Ways to Get and Stay Fit That Don't Cost a Dime

When a single boutique studio class can run upwards of $30, it's easy to feel like you lack the finances to be super fit. But Stephanie Blozy, owner of Fleet Feet, wants you to know this isn't true. Fitness is for everyone, and though costly classes and memberships may work for some, they aren't necessary for getting–and staying–in great shape.

"Fitness doesn't need to be fancy," Bozy says. "Any activity that elevates your heart rate and gets your blood moving counts. Even simple things like playing with your kids, cleaning the house and mowing the lawn with a push mower count."

Blozy, who also has a master's degree in exercise science, thinks it's time to rethink fitness. She spoke to and gave us her top ideas for staying fit for free.

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