3 CrossFit Workouts to Sculpt Your Body

ESPN sideline reporter and Dancing with the Stars alum Erin Andrews tries out the latest shape-up sensation.

Get Going!

The expert: Denise Thomas, CrossFit Level 2 (the highest!) coach at Reebok CrossFit One in Canton, Massachusetts

You'll need: A timer (our favorite: the free GymBoss app), a 5- to 15-pound dumbbell and a hand towel

Your plan: After completing the warm-up below two times through, do WODs 1, 2 and 3 once each week on separate days. Track your progress for one month, then marvel at your improvement. Three, two, one...go! That's how CrossFitters start each WOD.

How to Talk CrossFit

Box: Gym isn't in CrossFitters' vocab. They hit the box!

WOD: Pronounced like wad (as in gum), it stands for Workout of the Day. You'll get three fast, effective WODs here.

Task priority: Some WODs tell you exactly how many reps to do (e.g., three rounds of 10). Your goal is to race the clock—complete them as fast as you can with good form.

Time priority: Other WODs (like WODs 1 and 3) tell you precisely how many minutes you have to perform

AMRAP (as many rounds or reps as possible): Hustle, hustle!

Warm Up: Walking Lunge

works abs, butt, thighs, hamstrings

Do this routine twice pre-WOD to prime muscles.

Stand with feet hip-width apart, arms overhead. Lunge forward with left foot so left thigh is parallel to floor, knee over ankle, right knee touching floor. Return to standing for 1 rep; repeat on opposite side, traveling forward. Continue, alternating sides. Do 20 reps.

Warm Up: Scorpion Kick

Stretches shoulders, hips

Do this routine twice pre-WOD to prime muscles.

Lie facedown with arms extended out to sides, palms down, legs together, toes on floor. With hands planted, rotate torso to right, reaching right foot to meet left hand for one rep. Return to start; repeat on opposite side. Do 10 reps.

Warm Up: Hand Walk

stretches shoulders, abs, hamstrings, calves

Do this routine twice pre-WOD to prime muscles.

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Keeping legs straight, bend forward, place hands on floor and walk hands into push-up position. Inch feet toward hands to return to standing. Do 5 reps.

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