Treblab Z2 Review: Affordable Over-Ear Headphones for Active Lifestyles

Treblab Z2

If you're searching for a reliable pair of over-the-ear headphones, consider giving the Treblab Z2's a try. Priced around $90, these headphones offer several impressive features with a couple of areas for improvement. The sleek design, impressive sound quality, comfortable memory foam ear cups, and lightweight build give them an edge in the sub-$100 price range.

ACTIVE Team used these headphones for our gym workouts as well as some everyday tasks for about two weeks.


Similar to the Treblab X3 Pro's, the setup process is quick and easy. They paired seamlessly with our Apple Watch for gym workouts and daily computer use. Upon first use, they enter pairing mode automatically. Simply access your device's Bluetooth menu (watch, phone, computer, etc.) and connect without the need for third-party apps.

Fit & Comfort:

The overall fit is good, although individuals with larger heads may experience pressure/clamp effect from the band, but typically isn’t noticeable unless used for extended periods of time. The adjustable band features eight increments on each side, and the swiveling earpieces accommodate different ear orientations. While the ear cups adequately cover the ears, slightly larger cups would be a minor improvement. The soft padding on the ear cups prevents any discomfort around the ear with no noticeable irritation. The IPX4 rating ensures they can withstand sweat during workouts.


The sound quality is impressive, particularly with heavy bass ideal for long gym sessions. While listening to podcasts, the bass may overshadow voices slightly, but it's manageable. The active noise-cancelling (ANC) is effective, though not the best we've encountered. It reduces most ambient noise to a distant level, making it suitable for the gym environment. The 40mm speakers deliver solid audio performance.

Treblab Z2 ANC Switch


Normally priced at $119 but currently on sale for $89.97 (25% off), the Treblab Z2's offer good value, especially for gym or workout use. They prioritize functionality over being a status symbol, making them a practical choice.

Battery Life:

Claiming 35 hours of playback time, we experienced around 13 hours with ANC activated, which is still impressive. This duration is suitable for a week of regular gym sessions. The three-hour charging time is reasonable considering the playback hours.


The headphones support Bluetooth and also come with a AUX cable for wired connections, providing flexibility for different devices and preferences for a wide range of uses.


The included hard clamshell case is well-designed, featuring a pocket for accessories like the AUX cable and charging cable. The headphones fit securely inside with an elastic band to prevent them from falling out, ensuring a compact and tidy storage solution.

Treblab Z2 Case


  • Solid audio performance
  • Comfortable fit
  • USB-C charging
  • AUX cable included
  • Competitive price point
  • ANC could be improved
  • Slight tightness/clamping during extended wear


The Treblab Z2 headphones offer an affordable and versatile option for wired or wireless over-the-ear headphones, especially for workout sessions. While not ideal for running, they excel in providing motivating bass-heavy soundtracks for gym workouts. Their long battery life and well-designed case make them a practical choice for active users.


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