Review: Reebok FloatZig 1

Reebok FloatZig 1

Reebok made waves on March 1st with the announcement of their latest running shoe, the FloatZig 1. Featuring the acclaimed Floatride Energy Foam cushioning, this shoe promises exceptional support and comfort for runners of all levels. What sets the FloatZig 1 apart is its accessibility; designed for elite athletes and everyday runners alike, its combination of performance and affordability is a rare find in the market.

Scheduled for an official release on April 4th, the Reebok FloatZig 1's will be available on, Amazon, and select retail outlets. Priced at $130, these shoes will come in various unisex and women's color options, with more colorways expected to launch throughout the season.

Let's delve into's shoe testers' insights to discover their thoughts on this innovative new footwear!

"Super light retro 90s vibe made me go faster, probably because of the 90s vibe."
J.H. - Colorado


Our Testers Thoughts on the Reebok FloatZig 1’s:

Our testers put over 70+ miles on the Reebok FloatZig 1’s and have a real good understanding of what the shoe can do for the everyday runner.


Reebok FloatZig 1

The Basics

- Drop: 6mm (difference between heal to toe)
- Category: Cushion
- Weight: 9.8 oz (average)
- Price: $130 (available April 1st)
- Mens Link:
- Womens Link:
- Type: Road Running
- Fit: True to size
- Comfort: Very comfortable, very light, no pinch points, no problem areas
- Breathability: Toe area has a nice and open feeling
- Responsiveness: Surprising how responsive this shoe was simply because it's a cushioned design. But we were impressed with its quickness.
- Ideal Running: Speed, Recovery, Long Distance, Race/Event

"These shoes may be retro in looks, but they have all the qualities of a 21st-Century, high-performance running shoe."
E.G. - Texas


One Favorite Thing from our Testers:

“Shoe was light and responsive pushing my mile time down by almost a minute”

“This shoe's balance of cushion with responsiveness is top-notch. I also love the retro colorway.”

One Area for Improvement from our Testers:

“Laces felt short, especially if I wanted to running lock them.”

“The initial heel break-in period isn't my favorite, and I could see how it could turn folks who are newer to Reebok's performance running shoes off before they give it a chance.”

Final Thoughts from our Testers:

”Straight out of the box the 90s retro throw back is in your face. It takes a minute to get used to it. Then the funky design of the sole looks like a rock trap, but after a few runs little pebbles haven't been found. The weight is fantastic for a shoe with a large padding underfoot. For sure a perfect shoe for putting in soft comfy quick miles on pavement.

The FloatZig1s seem designed for high mileage on road, and while offering loads of cushion felt very quick and responsive. Cutting side to side or on trails is not where these shoes shine, while good turn over and straight running will be the bread and butter. Long term mileage may vary and the sole if rubbed through (very high mileage) may be problematic for those that don't replace their shoes that often.

At a price point of $130 which is lower than most new road shoes, they are worth a try for anyone looking to get some nice responsive cushy miles in. Your legs will thank you and your mile time will show it. “

“If a runner is asked to name the top brands when it comes to running shoes, Reebok isn't likely near the top of the list. That's nothing against Reebok—it just hasn't been as big of a player as the HOKAs and Brooks of the running world. However, that may chance with Reebok's Floatzig 1. It's a sneaky-good daily trainer at an incredibly affordable price. The shoe is comfortable, responsive yet cushioned, and most importantly, it looks pretty damn good. For folks that are looking to mix things up with their running gear or try something new, Reebok's Floatzig 1 is a great option.”

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