What Type of Cyclist Are You?

To be your best in a certain race, you must be single-minded, focused and be prepared to sacrifice. For this cyclist, it meant doing less of some of the aspects of cycling that he loves the most. To be successful, he needed to cut down on the amount of long rides he did with teammates and friends.

So before you plan what you want to accomplish this year, ask yourself, "what kind of rider do I want to be?"

How Much Time Should You Spend on Your Weaknesses?

A common goal among cyclists training to race is to improve upon their weaknesses. Whether you're looking to improve your sprinting, climbing or time trialing, it's important to ask yourself how much time you want to spend, and, if it's worth the effort.

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If you're a pure climber it probably won't make sense to spend a significant amount of time trying to improve your sprinting. By doing so, you take valuable time away from the areas of cycling that are your strengths as well as other areas that may be more valuable to your overall success.

When you decide how much time you should spend to improve elements of your cycling, first consider these guidelines to determine which elements of your training will be worth the effort:

  • Sprinter: Work on sprint training with less of a focus on climbing at or above threshold.
  • Time trialist: Concentrate on threshold training with some sprinting mixed in.
  • Breakaway rider: Emphasize threshold workouts with some sprint training.
  • Climber: Focus on heavy threshold training that includes hill repeats and very few sprint workouts.

Schedule a consultation with a coach if you are unsure what's right for you.

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Why Do I Race?

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself why you race? Why do you spend the time, effort, money and risks to do it? Personally, I believe that bike racing is without a doubt the coolest and most brutal sport there is. The feeling of being fit relative to your competition and playing the game of chess that cycling often is during a race can be a ton of fun.

Perhaps your answer is similar. Maybe you're just competitive, and to some degree, we all are. Jimmy Connors, the great tennis champion once said, "I hate to lose more than I love to win. I can't stand the looks on their faces when they beat me."

Competition is a great measuring stick and can provide a cyclist with a goal to shoot for. But it isn't for everyone. Make sure you have a reason to race before you spend all of the time and effort it'll take to be successful. You can have plenty of fun on a bicycle without ever rolling up to a start line.

Remember, there are no right or wrong answers to any of these questions. You are who you are. But it's important to understand why you spend the time training that you do. Once you've determined why, it will make your efforts to plan a schedule and decide what approach to training you'll take that much easier.

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