Road Bike Handling Skills

This post is all about the basics of road bike handling in the real world. The exercises here are designed to help you move more easily through the city, be a steady wheel in a group and stay upright when unexpected obstacles come your way.

Almost everyone can ride a bike and use its momentum to stay upright, but being a good bike handler in any situation takes practice. Good bike handling means your body and bike work together as one. You move in a way that is graceful and in sync with your equipment. It means you ride safely and predictably by yourself and with others. Improving handling skills builds confidence in a million different ways.

Bike handling is all about cumulative effects and keeping your skills fresh. That's why I feel it's best to practice a little bit every time you ride. The more you practice, the more your bike becomes an extension of your body. Subtle changes in balance and body position make all the difference.

Let's get started!

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