Breaking Down the 5 Cycling Positions

The optimal riding position is a fancy way of saying "where should I put my butt, head and hands to ride like a bat out of hell?" We're not saying cycling is a sport of adrenaline junkies, a la NASCAR, or is full of Evel Knievels—he for one would never ride two wheels that require strenuous pedaling, and road cyclists, likewise, would never jump 17 buses—but your command of the sport of cycling depends largely on how fast you can ride.

Below, we've broken down five tried-and-true cycling positions optimized to give you the best speed and endurance during specific portions of a road race. Remember, these positions were developed and tested (Chris Froome notwithstanding) by the very best in the business, so don't be afraid to give them a whirl on your next ride.

All information from an infographic provided by "Infographic Guide to Cycling," Bloosmsbury, 2015.

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