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September 01, 2015 - December 31, 2024

Growing Spurts 2024

Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club • 25865 Holly Vista Blvd San BernardinoCA  92404 Organized by Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club

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By-Law Short Version 2023



  1. All Swimming competition fees must be paid before the Deadline: (All Deadlines are two weeks before the Actually Meet on Wednesdays before 11:59pm.)
  2. Swimmers that do not pay the fees will not be able to compete in the meet. NO exceptions. 
  3. It is the parents’ responsibility to maintain Current USA membership per year. All USA Memberships are renewed September 1st, annually.  If your swimmer is not current by the Swim meet Deadline, they will not be able to compete.
  4. If you agree to attend a swimming competition and after the deadline you cannot attend.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS.  The Sea Turtles are not responsible for the Surcharges or Event fees.  They are given to the Host Team, and they must make an account with the USA Swimming Administration.  No Refunds by the Host team or Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club. 
  5. If you agree to attend a swimming competition and you have spoken to the Coaching staff and they have waived your fee to be given before the deadline, and you find that you cannot attend Parents are still responsible for the Surcharge and Event Fees. 
  6. All Swimming Ware that does not meet the USA standards must receive a waiver from the USA Administration.  You must receive the Waiver before your swimmer can wear an altered suit.  Parents are responsible for having that waiver at all swimming competitions. In case Admin request to see the waiver.   
  7. All Club Fees must be paid before the 1st day of each month.  (the Last Week of Each Month). 
  8. If you pay on the 1st - the 9th of each month there is a $10.00 Late fee per family. NO acceptations.  There will be no refunds if you choose to leave the Club mid-month.  
  9. If you miss the 9th deadline, your registration will be for the following month. NO exceptions. 
  10. Before you can start training you must have a current USA swimming Membership ID # and add that number to your Active Swim Portal Account.  No expectations.  
  11. All Swimmers Must compete in at least 8 competitions to stay in good standing with the Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club.  No exceptions.
  12. If you qualify for and attend any Championship meet (except for SCSL Championship) 1 meet will be waved from the 8.  
  13. Must have at least a Club Swim Cap at all competitions, with Team Logo and with or without name on the cap.  or must have at least the colors: Blue and/or Orange Caps.
  14. Parents must attend all Mandatory Parent Meetings. 
  15. If you do not attend or participate in a fund raiser, (which will have a designated Purpose) the parent can pay at least $50.00.  If not, parents will be responsible for 100% coverage of all cost and fees.  Such as attending outings, special events etc. No exceptions. 
  16. No fundraiser will be held unless there is a specific designation for raising the funds.  
  17. At the end of the event there must be a Zero balance.  NO funds will be held over. 
  18. Dr's name, Phone number must be complete during registration.
  19. Emergency Contact must be listed and completed during registration.
  20. There will be no reduction in fees if you can train less than 4 days a week.  No exceptions. Training days are:
  • Monday – Thursday – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Swimming Competitions are Friday – Sunday.
  • South Central Swim League - Saturday only.
  • Championship Competitions are Thursdays - Sunday.
  • South Central Swim League’s Championships – Saturday – Sunday.
  • Insta Team - 

    If you have a barcode scanner on your phone, you can Scan QR code below to download.

    qr code for instateam download
     Step 2:

    Follow the instructions provided to create a new account or login using your existing Facebook or Google account.

     Step 3:

    To find your team and join it, you can search for the team "RSTSC ( Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club)" or "BRY2KM" code.

     Step 4:

    Click on the team and then click Join.

    You are all done. See you on InstaTeam.

  • USA Swimming.org
  • Active Net - For the City of Rialto.
  • Active Swimming Swim Portal. 
  1. You must register on these sites: 

All Fees are to be paid:

  • Money Order
  • Cash app
  • Zelle


Thank you for joining the Rialto Sea Turtles Swimming Club.  

We are here to train, grow, mature, strengthen skills and build Confidence, friendships and relationships that can span for many years; also create family relationships and unity.  It is a process.  Respect the Process.  Mastery is like wine, it matures with time, work, pressure, heat, difficulties, and patience.  Let's build together.  



September 01, 2015 - December 31, 2024

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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Rialto Sea Turtles Swim Club

25865 Holly Vista Blvd San BernardinoCA  92404

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