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October 06, 2024

2024 Limassol Triathlon

Molos • Christodoulou Chatzipavlou Limassol-Cyprus  - Organized by Nireas Triathlon

About this event

Sprint Triathlon is ideal for those competitors who are new to the sport or those who are just into speed. The venue in the beautiful sea front of Limassol is made to order to offer just that. Also this distance offers a good opportunity for corporate relay participation.

The event is complemented by a Super Sprint triathlon which is a great introduction into the world of triathlons and bridges the gap between novice and Sprint triathlo

Event details and schedule

This section contains very important information regarding the preparation for your race.


Sunday October 6, 2024.  08:00

Limassol sea front.

Sprint Triathlon & Team Sprint Triathlon: 750m swim- 20Km bike – 5Km run.
Super Sprint Triathlon: 300m swim- 10Km bike – 2.5Km run.


Sprint Triathlon

  • Male / Female 15-19
  • Male / Female 20-35
  • Male / Female 36-50
  • Male / Female 50+
  • Sprint Triathlon Team Relay


Super Sprint Triathlon

  • Male / Female

The first three male and female winners of each distance will receive a medal during the Prize Awarding Ceremony.
All finishers will receive a finisher’s medal.
Awards will be given during the award ceremony and at no case before or after it.

Registration is only possible using the online system and the deadline is 23:59 Thursday 3rd October 2024 or when reaching the maximum number of participants.
All our events are invitation events, and the organisers may refuse entry to any competitor, on any grounds, and at their own discretion without explanation.

We understand occasionally it may be necessary for you to withdraw or transfer your entry.  To be as fare as possible our transfer and withdrawal policy is strictly as below, and no exceptions are made for illness or injury.

Cancellations and transfers must be made in writing either by e mail to: info@nireas.riathlon.com

  • Entry Fees are non-refundable
  • With notification up to 30 days and over before the event date a credit note for the entry fee will be issued valid for two years and only for the same participant.
  • With notification of less than 30 days before the event date there will be strictly no refund or transfer.
  • To cancel your registration, you don’t need to give explanations, nor you need a medical certificate.
  • Nireas Triathlon reserves the right to change the date or time of the Event due to bad weather or outside influences that are beyond their control. No refund of the Entry Fee will be made because of any change in the date or start time of the Event.
  • It is not possible to transfer a slot to another participant.


Rules and Regulations
We would like to draw your attention to some important rules:
The officials have the right to disqualify participants for reasons of misbehaviour during or before the race.
You shall adhere to the directions, instructions of the volunteers and the officials.
Disqualification reasons include among others:
– Use of music devices (iPod, phones, etc) with earphones.
– No outside assistance is allowed. Supporters are not allowed to accompany you on the bike and run course.
– If you are caught drafting on the bike course, you’ll receive a penalty time.
– If you are caught drafting for a second time you will be disqualified.
– Littering during the competition outside the provided zones, in transition area as well as at the beginning and ending of the aid stations of the bike and run courses will lead in disqualification.
This race is a non-drafting race. The bicycle draft zone will be 10 meters long measured from the leading edge of the front wheel. An athlete may enter the draft zone of another athlete but must be seen to be progressing through that zone. A maximum of 20 seconds will be allowed to pass through the zone of another athlete. Blocking is prohibited.

Race Day Checklist

Transition Area
 – Wristband
– Bib number

 – Race supplied Swim cap
– Timing Chip (applied to left ankle)
– Wetsuit (if applicable)
– Goggles

 – Bike seat post sticker
– Bike shoes
– Race Bib number
– Sunglasses
– Clothing
– Socks
– Nutrition & fluids

 – Running shoes
– Race Bib number
– Sunglasses
– Hat
– Socks
– Clothing
– Nutrition & fluids

Race day Registration
The registration process takes place according to following steps:

  1. The registration will be open between 06:00 and 07:00 at the transition Area. You are advised to arrive at the transition area not later than 6:30. The TA will open at 06:00 and it will be accessible only to athletes participating with an access wrist band.
  2. Make sure to look up your bib number by checking the starting list on the event website.
  3. At the registration desk your entry information will be checked, and you’ll receive an envelope with all necessary items for racing.

The race gear consists of the following items:

  •  Race bib number to be worn on your back during cycling and on your front during running. No race belt is provided by the organisers. You must bring your own.
  • Bike seat post sticker, to be placed under the saddle of your bike.
  • Swimming cap, to be worn during the swim course
  • Athlete wristband that gives you access to participants’ areas, to be worn around the wrist.
  • The Timing Chip.

Please check to ensure that all these items are present. In case of deviations, please report this at the Registration Desk.

Timing Info
The progress of your race is registered by a Race Timing Chip (transponder).
This transponder needs to be placed on your left ankle during all three parts of the race. In case of a wetsuit the chip must be visible and not covered.
Each relay team receives one transponder for the timekeeping. This transponder has the additional function of a relay baton; therefore, it must be handed over from swimmer to biker as well as from biker to runner. The handing over must be made at the signed spaces in the transition area.

Withdrawal & Timing Chip
If you drop-out of the race, please inform one of the staff members on the course, at transition area, or at the finish line as soon as possible, and before you go home, so we know that you are safe.

Bike Check-In
The bike check-in is located at the entrance of the transition area.
At the bike check-in, your bike is checked for safety and compliance with the regulations as set out by the I.T.U.

Before checking-in your bike, make sure you have checked the following things:
– Your bike is technically in order e.g: your brakes are working.
– The saddle stem number label is placed under your saddle.
– On your head you have fastened your helmet.
– You are carrying your own race BIB number around your waist or in your hand.
– Make sure that all your gear is placed in the in the basket provided at your spot in the TA.

Warm up swimming
Before the swim start there is a limited possibility for a warming up swim. Please be at the start line on time.

All participants of the race will enter the start area via the start corridor on the beach passing by a TIMING registration antenna to record their presence.
The swim course is guarded by lifeguard on boats and/or supported by volunteers in kayaks. In case you have issues during the swim, draw attention to the boat personnel and they will come to your assistance.
Wetsuit will be optional.

Traffic, Road Closures
The cycling course is closed for traffic, but we draw your attention to the possibility of vehicles to be present can at any time be in the bike course for emergency reasons.
We ask you to keep to the left side of the road to allow for other athletes to pass you in the right side. It is strictly forbidden to pass an athlete on the left side which will lead to immediate disqualification.

Transition Area Rules

  • Wear helmet with fastened chip strap before getting the bike from the rack.
  • Mount after the mount line.
  • Dismount before dismount line.
  • Rack your bike in the Transition Area according to your bib number.
  • Keep helmet strapped until bike is racked.
  • Put your gear in the box provided. Keep your transition spot tidy.


Bike Collection after the race finish

The bike check-out is located at the Transition Area.
After the last athlete finish the athletes can collect their bikes from the Transition Area.
The Transition Area is only accessible by athletes wearing a participant wristband.
Checkout of the bike is only possible when the athlete can show his or her bib number.

The results of the race will be available on our website the soonest after the race.

Medical support
During the race, first aid personnel will be available at the TA.
Every competitor is advised to have an own individual accident insurance which covers medical treatment in case of severe injury or illness as well as a possible stay in a hospital.

There will be no briefing on the race day.
Since there is no briefing on the race day, please address all your questions by Friday 29.9.2023 to: info@nireastriathlon.com .



Christodoulou Chatzipavlou Limassol-Cyprus  -

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