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July 29 - August 02, 2024

Little Robot Engineer - Half Day

Apostles Church - Katy KatyTX  77494 Organized by Club SciKidz Houston

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Science Did you know that the existence of electricity was first discovered by the Ancient Greeks but scientists didn’t discover how to produce an electric charge until 1800? Become a physical scientist! Learn the basics of conductivity and circuitry, the principles that allow robots to function, with Snap Circuits. Design working electrical circuits, and construct functioning photo sensors, flashing lights, and adjustable sirens! Technology Did you know that people in 1900 thought that we would have personal robots doing all of our tasks (sweeping, grooming, shaving) by now? We haven’t quite reached that level, but it is a lot more feasible today than it was back then! Become a robot engineer, and see what tasks your bots can do for you. Design and create your own Art Bot, a robot that uses markers to create colorful designs for you! Design and create your own LEGO Bot, a cute little bot made from an inexhaustible supply of LEGOs! Learn to program the KIBO Robot. Art Transform yourself into a life-size robot! Create a robot headband, and learn to speak like a robot. Play a game of Roll-A-Robot, and see what kind of robot the dice will lead you to create. Construct your own robot from common recycled items. Lastly, design a planter with a beloved movie robot in mind. Combine elements of art and literature as you create an identity for your KIBO Bot. Outdoor Fun Embrace your inner robot! Compete against your peers to follow commands and complete a robot in record time. Practice your robot moves and sounds in a riveting game of “Robot Tag.” Race to the nearest charging pad to keep your battery from losing all power! Work with your team to steal the robot’s treasure, and take on the role of human and robot to see which “species” can win the game.


July 29 - August 02, 2024

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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Apostles Church - Katy KatyTX  77494

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Half-Day Registration (9AM - 1 PM)



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