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September 07, 2024

Chopwell Woods Hunter (Saturday 7th September)

Chopwell Woodland Park • Rowlands Gill GatesheadUnited Kingdom  NE39 1LT Organized by Active Future Gateshead

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You are awaiting the horn and the start.....it sounds and you have 30 minutes head start before the hunter force will be on your tail, armed with sniffer dogs and the latest weaponry. Not really but that sounded great didn't it? You need to get away from the starting blocks and then decide upon your strategy. Do you simply evade the hunter force or do you attempt to complete the tasks? You will be given a map with 10 tasks to complete over the course of the event. For each of the tasks completed you will be awarded 50 points....but will the hunter force be waiting for you? The locations of the tasks are classified and the hunter force do not know where they are and have no maps of the area, so can you get in and out without being captured? Your handler will have your number and you will need to check in with them to let them know you are safe. If you have not been caught towards the end of the event you will receive the location of your extraction point. Can you make it out without being caught or will the hunter force work out where the extraction point is? The event is held over a large wooded area with plenty of cover and plenty of places to hide and stay safe, snacks and drinks will be available during the amnesty time. To take part you must be a minimum of 7 years old and anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. You must be in a minimum group of 2 to take part and a maximum group of 10 (Although larger groups can simply split up). Whilst evading capture you must stay in a minimum group size of 2. A full safety and rules procedure will be given prior to the start of the event. There are lots of inherent risks when taking part. Whilst full risk assessments have been undertaken there is the chance of falling over, branches falling from trees, getting wet and muddy to name a few, we are sure some are going to leave with bumps and scrapes and other war wounds. Good luck and stay safe.

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Ages 7-75


Chopwell Woodland Park

Rowlands Gill GatesheadUnited Kingdom  NE39 1LT

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