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June 22, 2024

9th Annual Ride to Remember

Dallas Police Association • 1412 E Griffin St DallasTX  75215 Organized by Dallas Police Cycling Team

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Saturday, June 22, 2024, the Dallas Police Cycling Team will ride the 8th annual Ride to Remember. This year’s unity ride will be 88 miles in memory of the 87 Dallas Police Officers who have died in the line of duty during the history of our Department and for DART Officer Brent Thompson, who died in the line of duty with four Dallas Police Officers on 7/7/16.

The ride's average speed will be 14-15 MPH. If you fall behind, you must go in the sag wagon until the next stop to ensure everyone’s safety and keep the whole group on schedule. It is our goal to have every rider make it to each station on their bike; however, being such a large group, we must remain together and keep an average pace. If a Ride Marshall asks you to sag, please comply. To keep everyone safe, the Marshall will ask only twice before leaving you to finish on your own.

Water, Gatorade, and snacks are all included in your registration and will be available at each of our stops. To keep the time down and spend less time in the heat, we will keep our stops to 10-20 minutes (depending on the needs of the group). The ride is capped at 100 riders, so please register early. We had 100 riders register last year and expect the same this year.
For those who have not ridden in a unity-style ride, this will be different from almost any ride you have participated in.  Because of the uniqueness of this ride, we have some rules that everyone must obey.  


  1. We will be riding two-by-two with two lead cyclists in front.
  2. Do not pass the lead cyclists or request that the pace of the ride be changed. The set pace ensures rider safety and will accommodate cyclists of various skill levels while maintaining unity within the group.
  3. Helmets less than 5 years old and eye protection are required at all times.
  4. iPod or other entertainment devices that use earplugs, earbuds, or headphones are prohibited (except for ride marshals selected to wear a radio ear microphone to assist in the pace and escort of the group).
  5. Recumbents are prohibited. They cannot take turns fast and slow down the group too much.
  6. Ride two by two! (unless otherwise instructed)
  7. Do not leave the lane for any reason! Motorcycles will be passing on the left, and we are NEVER allowed in their lane.
  8. No rider may hold onto any moving vehicle!
  9. Call out road hazards and notify fellow riders of slowing or stopping to ensure everyone’s safety.
  10. If you encounter a mechanical or medical problem, pull onto the right shoulder and dismount your bike. The rider will have to sag until the next stop.  
  11. Do not stop to pick up a dropped water bottle or any other item! This creates a serious safety issue. Support vehicles will pick up the item once the riders have all passed.
  12. Any rider who falls below the ride pace will be asked to ride in the support van until the next rest stop. This request MUST be honored for the safety of all participants.
  13. If there are any unexpected stops, all bicycles should be moved off the roadway or to the right of the roadway.


 Equipment Inspection

Please have your bike in good working order prior to the ride. A bike fit is highly recommended and will help with those aches and pains on this long ride.  We will have bike mechanics with us to fix minor issues.


  • The start and finish location is the Dallas Police Association (DPA) located at 1412 Griffin St E, Dallas, TX 75215.
  • Parking is available at the DPA, and the gates will open at 5:30 am.
  •  There is a mandatory safety briefing at 6:30 a.m. If you miss the meeting, you will have to sit out the first leg so we can brief you in the support van.
  • Wheels spinning at 7:00 am.
  • We will have quick rest stops at each of the substations, which are approximately 15-20 miles apart. 
  • BBQ and refreshments will be available for all riders at the DPA.



This is a long ride so please have comfortable cycling equipment. Riders are encouraged to wear a Dallas Police Cycling Team jersey but are not required to participate. You can order Jerseys, Shorts, Socks, and water bottles during registration, the day of the ride, or on our team merchandise website.

Event details and schedule

Parking opens at 5:30 AM

Safety Meeting at 6:30 AM

Wheels spinning at 7:00 AM

BBQ and refreshments available to riders at the finish

Bring comfortable riding gear for this ride, and pay attention to the weather. We will have our trailer with us along the ride so feel free to bring any clothing you may think you need, you will have access to it during our stops. 


Dallas Police Association

1412 E Griffin St DallasTX  75215

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Cycling-88 Mile Unity Ride - Individual


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