We tasted 27 Flavors of GU—and Ranked Them All

If you've done any distance events, you've probably eaten an energy gel. You know, those little foil packets that contain roughly 100 calories of nutrients, meant to be consumed in the heat of an activity to replace the fuel you're expending. They're ubiquitous, an iconic part of cycling and running culture. Thing is, the world of energy gels is vast, with so many flavors that it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Some are sweet, tangy, and fruity; others milder, creamier, nuttier. Which are yummier? Which are yuckier? Are there any you'll truly look forward to squeezing into your mouth at mile 11? To find out, we assembled the staffs of Runner's World and Bicycling to taste 27 different flavors of GU, one of the most popular energy-gel makers, and assemble what we believe is a definitive ranking, from "Tastefully Nude" (yes, it's real) up to...well, you're going to have to read on to learn our absolute favorite.

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