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May 18, 2024

6th Annual Spring Smash - 3.5 (Saturday AM)

Rusch Park Community Center • 7801 Auburn Blvd. Citrus HeightsCA  95610 Organized by Sunrise Recreation and Park district
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We're sorry, but this activity is over. The last meeting was Saturday, May 18, 2024.

6th Annual Spring SmashModified MLP Team Event
EVENT FORMATRound robin – play the other teams in your group. The winner is the team with the most match wins, followed by head to head and then point differential. Note: the point differential does not include Dreambreakers (the tag team singles tiebreaker).
MATCHESA Match consists of four games, starting with men’s and women’s doubles and then two mixed doubles games. If two teams are tied after these four games, a singles DreamBreaker is played, with a rotational system involving all four players.
Dice RollAt the start of each Match, there will be a roll of the dice and the winner will choose to be the Home or Away team.
HOME: The Home team will choose its mixed doubles teams last and they must declare first during the Dreambreaker. The Home team will serve from the south end in doubles and receive from the opposite end in mixed and in the Dreambreaker.
AWAY: The Away team must declare the mixed doubles teams first, but gets to go last on the Dreambreaker player choice. They will receive from the north end in doubles and serve from the south in mixed and in the Dreambreaker.
GAMESEach Game will be played with modified rally scoring to 21 points (win by 1). Players will change ends when one team reaches the score of 11. Rally scoring will be played until a team reaches 20, at which time the team reaching 20 is subject to a freeze on rally scoring and must score the game winning point while serving. If the opposing team reaches 18, their score also freezes and they can only score points while serving.
PLAYER CHANGE OF SIDE/SERVE:During rally scoring, players do not switch sides after winning points. Player A for each team serves and receives on the right side when the score is even, and Player B serves and receives on the left side when the score is odd. A team may choose to switch player sides during a time-out or end change. If the time-out team decides to switch positions, the only way the other team may now switch is by calling a time-out. If that team doesn’t have a time out left, they may not switch positions.
PLAYER INITIATED TIME-OUTSTeams will each be allotted 1 time-out per game (up to 1 minute per time-out).
DREAMBREAKER TO DETERMINE WINNERIf two teams playing a Match are tied 2-2 after the doubles and mixed doubles Games, a Dreambreaker will be played. A Dreambreaker is a Game to 21 (win by 1) with modified rally scoring, where each team must rotate its 4 players for 4 singles rallies in a set order until the Dreambreaker is completed. Immediately following the completion of the mixed doubles Games, the Home Team will declare the order of rotation of its 4 singles players for the Dreambreaker to the Away Team. The Away Team will then declare their order of rotation. The Dreambreaker will use the same rally scoring used in Games as described above. All team members will rotate in 4-rally rotations until the Dreambreaker is concluded (Player 1 plays 4 rallies, then Player 2 plays 4 rallies, then Player 3 plays 4 rallies, then Player 4 plays 4 rallies, and then the rotation repeats in the same order). In terms of sides, singles players will serve from the side (left/right) of the court, based on their team score, as is typical in singles. The player will serve on the right side when that player’s team score is even, and when the team score is odd, the player on that team will serve from the left side of the court. During the Dreambreaker, each team will be allotted one time-out. Teams will change ends when one team reaches the score of 11. When a team reaches 20 points, they can only win while serving. The opposing team can only score while serving when they reach 18 points.
TEAM FORFEITSIf a team becomes short a player, they can continue with any play involving the player being either a game forfeit or loss of points.


Rusch Park Pickleball Courts - 7801 Auburn Blvd. Citrus Heights, CA 95610


May 18, 2024

8:30 AM to 12:30 PM


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Ages 18-99 · Co-Ed


Rusch Park Community Center

7801 Auburn Blvd. Citrus HeightsCA  95610

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