7 Tips to Never Miss an Overhead

The overhead is an important shot in tennis even though it's not used as often as other shots, such as ground strokes.

The overhead is also one of the easier shots in tennis to execute. However, there are still many players who struggle with the shot. Follow the seven tips below to improve your overhead.

1. Keep Your Eyes on the Ball

As soon as you start thinking about missing, you might have the tendency to take your eyes off the ball before contact. When your eyes leave the ball, your head shifts and when the head shifts, the face of the racquet does so as well.

2. Use Your Free Hand

As soon as you see the shot is an overhead, get your free (left or right) hand up and point at the ball until you hit it. Doing this helps you keep your eyes on the ball. Watch the pros, they point at the ball as soon as they see it is a lob.

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3. Get Their Early

Make sure you get under the ball early. Move with the ball as soon as you see it is a lob.

4. Bring Your Racquet Back Early

The earlier you bring your racquet back before the swing, the more time you have to prepare to hit the shot. If you wait too long, you will be in a rush to swing and it can throw off everything.

5. Don't Slam the Ball

Don't try to slam balls that are too low. Some balls that are low look like they can be overheads, but they should be high volleys. It can be extremely difficult to hit an overhead on a low floater. You will have to determine for yourself which is which.

6. Don't Swing

Avoid swinging at the ball as hard as you can. You do not need to knock the overhead into the stands like the pros.

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Slow the swing down and go for placement. Usually on an overhead you can easily put it away hitting only 50 percent to 60 percent as hard as you can, but with nice placement. (I usually go for about 80% or so).

7. Keep the Ball in Play

If the ball gets behind you, just try and hit the ball back in play. Trying to hit an overhead that gets behind your body will make the ball soar too long. Try to hit the ball a foot or so out in front of your body, just like the serve.

Try to follow these general tips for successful overheads. The overhead needs to be a shot that you can execute easily as you are in complete control of the point.

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Scott Baker

Scott Baker is a singles and doubles expert based in central Ohio. To learn more from Scott, visit Tennis4You.com.
Scott Baker is a singles and doubles expert based in central Ohio. To learn more from Scott, visit Tennis4You.com.

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