5 Steps to a Great Defensive Game

Go to Your Opponent's Weakness

If it's possible, try to hit your defensive shot to their weakness. 

Most players have a weaker backhand. Hitting a deep shot to their backhand will help you turn the point from a defensive situation into a neutral position.

Become a Better Mover

All the great players with amazing defensive games are also great movers on court. They can get to almost any ball and in doing so frustrate their opponent.

There are a number of great drills to help you move better on court. Here are a couple of easy ways to become a better mover without needing a tennis court.

  • Practice Interval training: This is running for an extended period of time, with short intervals of sprinting. Tennis involves both endurance and explosive fitness needs, so training both is important.
  • Learn to skip: You can easily do this at home. Skipping is a full body workout that develops both fitness and coordination.

Learn to Read Your Opponent

Does your opponent like to attack to a certain area on court? Does your opponent keep forcing you back and to hit in a certain pattern? For instance, does your opponent push you off court on the deuce side of the court and then going down the line on the advantage side? 

Learn how to read your opponent to better anticipate his or her next move. Players who know how to read an opponent are able to get to the ball faster, set up and hit a better shot.

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