3 Attack Shots Every Player Should Use

This is an effective attack if your initial shot is deep in the court and bounces high enough that it forces your opponent a few feet behind the baseline to hit the ball.

This type of surprise attack doesn't happen off of approach shots as your opponent already knows you are coming to the net. This should be used during a regular baseline to baseline exchange of shots.

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When I execute this play I like to hit the ball with heavy topspin to the backhand side (or their weaker side). I'm usually at the baseline when I hit the shot. As soon as I realize I've executed a nice, deep shot, I close to the net quickly.

Another key element is your footwork, not the speed of your feet, but the sound of your feet. If you can sneak in quietly, instead of thundering down the court, you'll have a better chance of surprising your opponent.

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Attack 3: In an era where baseline tennis is dominating, the drop shot can be an effective attack. The drop shot might not sound like an attack. Remember, it's all about catching your opponent off guard and surprising them with an unexpected shot.

The drop shot becomes painfully effective against tennis players who like to stand well behind the baseline to hit their shots. If you catch your opponent far back and they hit a fairly short shot make them pay with a good drop shot. When they're that far behind the baseline they have a lot further to travel to get to a drop shot. This has the added advantage of forcing them out of their comfort zone from behind the baseline.

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A well rounded player will use all of the above methods regularly. These shots are especially effective for those of you who play most of your games from the baseline.

Attacking your opponent when they least expect is a huge advantage. The key is getting to the net when they're moving to the ball and moving towards the net early. If you hesitate to move to the net you could get stuck in an awkward spot and lose an opportunity.

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Scott Baker

Scott Baker is a singles and doubles expert based in central Ohio. To learn more from Scott, visit Tennis4You.com.
Scott Baker is a singles and doubles expert based in central Ohio. To learn more from Scott, visit Tennis4You.com.

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