The Best Ski Resorts in the U.S.

Whenever I tell people I'm from Montana, I get a slew of responses, the most common being, "I've never met anyone from there before."

But there's one response that never surprises me, and that's, "Oh, I've been there?to ski."

Growing up in a ski town you come to recognize the importance of tourism in your community and the amount of pride you take in your mountains. After all, these jutting geological features in your backyard are what people travel from all over the world to enjoy. And when taking such a vacation, travelers are expecting the finest mountains to ski.

Deciding which are the best ski resorts in the United States is tricky because so many factors are involved in what defines high quality, but undoubtedly the main features include: the amount and quality of snow, accessibility, and vertical feet. Because of this, the top spots all belong to the West, and when you hear about each location you'll understand why.

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