The 7 Best At-Home Online Yoga Platforms

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Let's face it, sometimes the last thing you want to do is to squeeze yourself into some yoga pants, pack up your mat and drive across town to your local studio. 

While in-person classes have their benefits (immediate feedback, community, etc.), with the rise of online yoga platforms, you can now get a similar workout from the comfort of your living room. These online yoga classes have not only exploded in popularity during the pandemic, but they've stuck around as a convenient alternative for people with busy schedules who need to fit in a quick flow anytime, anywhere. 

We listed seven of our favorite platforms for doing yoga at home, including options for both beginners and more advanced yogis. These platforms address a wide range of themes, including a variety of poses, flows and breathing exercises that promote healing and mindfulness. Note these vary in price and subscription type, so be sure to check out current pricing, features and schedules for yourself to find what works best. 

Alo Moves

You might know Alo for its fitness wear, but it created a pretty robust online yoga platform called Alo Moves, too. It includes unlimited access to all its content for a flat monthly fee, and while the yoga classes are most popular, it offers fitness classes like HIIT, barre and Pilates as well. If that's not enough already, it has videos on mindfulness that focus on relaxation, creativity and sleep, as well as a skills section to help you finally learn that elusive handstand. 

Learn more about Alo Moves, here

Y7 Online

If you like to flow to music, this is the online yoga studio for you! Not only does Y7 Online have different classes tailored for all levels and live flows streamed weekly, each flow also has custom playlists to keep you motivated. New videos are added weekly, and the app is available on both Roku and iOS devices. Don't sleep on the Energy Series—it's a two-week program with 20 classes and seven instructors that focuses on opening the seven chakras. 

Learn more about Y7 Online, here

YogaWorks At Home

While many of the popular studios temporarily closed during the pandemic, YogaWorks transitioned to offering tons of online yoga content. It has two different tiers, one that includes over 1,300 on-demand classes and one that also includes over 30 daily live classes taught by expert yoga instructors. Videos can be filtered by type, length or level—we recommend the 12-minute morning stretch class as a solid way to start your day. 

Learn more about YogaWorks At Home, here


You can literally find everything on YouTube, yoga videos included. It's a great way to search for anything from more detailed tutorials on specific moves to complete guided classes. While the production quality may not be as good and you may have to watch a few ads, it's a perfect starting point before committing to any of the paid memberships on this list. 

Learn more about yoga on YouTube, here

Yoga with Adriene 

Speaking of free yoga videos on YouTube, Yoga with Adriene is a must-try channel. Adriene Mishler, international yoga teacher, writer and entrepreneur, has amassed over 10 million subscribers and has a library of over 500 free videos (and counting). Her most popular videos include "Yoga For Complete Beginners" with 40 million views, "Day 1 - Ease Into It - 30 Days of Yoga" with 27 million views and "Total Body Yoga - Deep Stretch" with 18 million views. 

Learn more about Yoga with Adriene, here

Peloton App

If you're already enjoying a Peloton bike at home and are paying for the digital membership, you might be surprised to know this also includes on-demand yoga classes taught by industry-leading instructors. The app makes streaming easy, and classes are broken down into specific targeted collections: unity, recovery, focus, power and foundation. 

Learn more about the Peloton App, here.


One of the most diverse libraries on this list, Gaia isn't just a yoga streaming service. While you can find hundreds of yoga and meditation videos led by expert teachers for every level, you can also watch the award-winning documentaries and films, as well as its original series about the universe, ancient wisdom, alternative healing and more. As far as the yoga classes go, we recommend Hatha—or anything by instructor Rodney Yee, really. 

Learn more about Gaia, here.

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