Review: Tune TSR 27

Based out of the Black Forest in Germany, Tune is a company with a reputation for building some of the fastest hubs and lightest wheels on the market. While this combination usually comes with a steep price, Tune keeps its price point considerably lower than what you might find from competitors.

High-end carbon wheel makers Enve and Lightweight can charge up to a $1,000 more for similar wheelsets, which makes Tune wheels a bargain buy considering they build each wheelset by hand to their customers specifications. They also manufacture all of their carbon fiber in house instead of outsourcing to China—a common practice even among the most expensive wheels on the market.

While popularity for the brand continues to grow stateside, Tune wheels at the moment can be hard to find at your local bike shop—which means you'll probably have to order directly from their website without taking a look at them in person first. Luckily we've got our hands on the TSR 27, an entry-level aluminum clincher that's reasonably priced and custom built.

Here's how the Tune TSR 27 held up during our series of tests.

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