10 Outdoor Adventure Apps for Your iPhone

Knot Guide

Winkpass Creations, Inc.

Here is a gathering of screen shots and names of every knot, not to mention guides on tying them.

It may seem sort of dorky (unless you're venturing out on your first hardcore sailing mission), however, you'd be surprised how following these knot-tying directions can come in handy when you're trying to tie stuff down to the roof of your car without racks or a box, when you need some climbing knots, hitches for your water vessel, or slings and lashes to hold your gear up.

Surfline Surf Report


HD cams are key here, so that you can see real-time footage of the spot of your choice. Because much to the dismay of local surfers everywhere, wherever there are people surfing on a regular basis, Surfline has a cam there.

But the catch is: you have to sign up for a premium membership in order to get access to the HD cams. (Otherwise, you still get real-time feed from the break.)

You'll also find written reports updated twice a day, two-day forecasts, wind and tide charts among other technical mumbo-jumbo that will help you track storm systems, upcoming swells, and predict wind and weather patterns.

OutDoors Sports GPS


Map and record your runs, hikes and rides. The app will give you your current speed, distance covered, current latitude/longitude and has a built-in compass (although so does your iPhone). You can also download topographical maps with detailed paths and tracks to help you plan your routes ahead of time.


AllTrails, Inc.

AllTrails provides GPS tracking, offline topo maps for hiking, camping, mountain biking and National Park support. The app will use your location to list nearby trails for you or browse an area to plan a future hike, run or ride, show a photo of the trail, list its difficulty level and other stats like allowance of dogs and horses, whether the trail is kid-friendly and more.

As with all such apps, you can save specific routes, add your own tracks and share your excursions online.


Augmented Outdoors

Peaks supposedly covers every major and minor peak in the world (and foothills), offline. Apparently all you have to do is look at a mountain- or hilltop through your iPhone camera lens (with the app open) and it will prompt the names and heights of the peaks surrounding you.

At $2.99 you wish for some sort of trial run, at least, to see if some of the minor bugs users seem to be complaining about are worth what sounds like a really cool app.

AccuTerra On-Demand


This is a full recreation trail and terrain app for the contiguous US and Hawaii. In total it encompasses over 5 million square miles with the most recent trail and public land data available. The HD trail, terrain and ski area maps are at a triple zoom level. You can purchase areas within the app, such as regions in California, Colorado and Washington and entire states at a time.

The Great Outdoors

Jon-Paul Andrews

The Great Outdoors allows you to see campsites anywhere in the US, working from your current location, will show you campsites in your vicinity. It will accommodate all your requirements when you specify. It will give you campsite info you need to know, from available amenities, whether pets are allowed, as well as contact info and descriptions of the site and the area in question.

This adventure app is great for those spontaneous road-tripper types who, without fail, will find themselves traveling a mountain road late at night, wondering where to lay their heads.

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