How to Cover the Court in Doubles

In doubles play, figuring out who should hit the ball can be confusing. You don't want to be a ball hog, you don't want to smash racquets together and you most certainly don't want the ball to slip in between both of you for an easy winner.

This issue comes up more when both players are at the net. Usually, if your partner is on the baseline and you're at the net a ball that gets by you can easily be recovered by your partner at the baseline. However, if you're both at the net, there's no recovery time and there are no second chances.

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So how do you know when you should go for the ball or leave it for your partner? When should your partner expect you to go for the ball or when he/she will have to play the ball? The answer: Who ever is closer should hit the ball.

This seemingly simple answer is more complicated than you might think. Once you're on the court, it can be difficult determining who is closer to the ball. And sometimes circumstances call for you to take a ball that's closer to your partner. 

Different Scenarios

Maybe the ball is hit down the center of the court the same distance from both of you, then who's ball is it? Whoever is closer to the net at that point should go for the shot. The closer you are to the net the better, more offensive volley you will be able to hit. The ball will be higher and you'll be able to hit better angles.

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