10 Awesome Apps for RV Travel

Technology can be invaluable to a full-time RV traveler. Cell phone apps, especially, provide a variety of services that you wouldn't have access to otherwise, such as real-time highway exit information and local RV dumps. So, if you're heading out for a long trip, or looking to improve your current travels, check out these awesome RV apps.

OffMaps: iOS, $.99

Unfortunately, many places in the U.S. have minimal or no cell coverage. If you rely on a GPS to get around this can be problematic. With OffMaps you can browse full-featured maps without cell service. Take advantage of other features such as offline searches for points of interest, related Wikipedia articles and public transportation.

The North Face Trailhead App: iOS, Free

Park your RV and find a trail to stretch your legs on. With a database of over 300,000 apps, and features such as trek tracking and photo sharing. This RV app is your one-stop shop for travels outside of your rig.

ReserveAmerica Camping: iOS, Free

Find a campsite on the fly with the ReserveAmerica app. Easy to read maps populate with campsites near your desired location, making it simple to find a place to park your RV for the night.

RV Dumps: iOS and Android, $1.99

If your campground doesn't have a dump station, this app can help you find one nearby. No need to make a bunch of phone calls or haul your waste from place to place.

Rest Area Finder: iOS and Android, Free

Take a break from behind the wheel with the rest area finder app, which helps you locate rest areas on your route. If you really need a recharge, look for scenic vistas and welcome centers, also indicated on the app.

HeyTell: iOS and Android, Free

If you don't have time to call, but don't want to type out a text, send a quick voice message. Using minimal data, you can record a message, and send it as easily as a text message. Similar to a walkie-talkie, this app is easy to use and handy when traveling in groups.

iExit: iOS and Android, $.99

Use the iExit app for your RV travels, which makes it easy to find the best exit for your needs. The app works in real time. By locating where you are, it tells you what's coming up for the next 100 exits.

My Pilot: iOS and Android, Free

Pilot Travel Centers are invaluable to RVers. With food, overnight parking, fuel, shipping stores like UPS, showers and fitness centers, these are a one-stop shop. The My Pilot app makes it easy to find the nearest location no matter where you are.

RV Checklist: iOS, $.99

Checklists within this app are organized by the phases of an RV trip—arrive at site, depart from site—but it also includes other checklists for first aid, buying an RV and more. Don't worry about missing something important; keep your checklists on hand at all times.

State Lines: iOS, $3.99

If you travel long distances, this RV app will be invaluable. For each of the 50 states the app tracks 46 pieces of information, including state sales tax, time zones, and towing and RV specific laws. With so much important information readily available, it's more than worth a few bucks.

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