The 8 Best Resistance Bands You Can Buy Right Now

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Portable, affordable and effective, resistance bands are some of the most versatile pieces of exercise equipment you can find. They aren't just reserved for helping your mobility and for being support tools, too, and they have the ability to give you a full-body workout as well.

A quick Google search will show you endless options for the best resistance bands. Searching for the best one for you can be a tedious process that'll have you feeling stretched thin. To help you out, the ACTIVE Reviews team did the work for you, and found eight fantastic products.

These are our top picks for the best resistance bands to hang in your home gym, stash by your desk for a quick burn between meetings or roll up to pack for working out when you're traveling.

The Best Resistance Bands:

Best Tube Resistance Bands - FitCord X-Over Resistance


Named for their tubular shape, these bands stand out thanks to their handles (versus the flat, continuous loop resistance bands). We love FitCord's X-Over tube resistance bands for their bang for the buck. The bands are especially good value considering that, according to FitCord, they can withstand more than 150,000 repetitions before snapping. The X-Over also features a nylon sheath to cover the band itself, which makes these more comfortable to use than bands that are simply exposed latex or rubber. These bands are sold individually on Amazon.

What We Love:

  • Good value
  • Easy-to-grip handles
  • Tested for heavy-duty durability

BUY: FitCord X-Over Resistance, $37

Most Versatile Resistance Bands - Rogue Monster Bands


Rogue Monster Bands are sold individually or as a full set. Your options range from 15 to 200 pounds in resistance, which gives you a lot of room for a variety of exercises. The bands are made from natural latex rubber, which is known for durability. Judging from our own expert testers' experiences, as well as customer reviews, these bands certainly will go the distance.

What We Love:

  • High-quality bands from a reliable fitness brand
  • Broad range of resistance included in full set
  • Color-coding for ease of use

BUY: Rogue Monster Bands, Full set starting at $67.75

Best Budget Stackable Resistance Bands - Black Mountain Resistance Products


As an ultimate budget gym equipment option, we can't argue with the bands from Black Mountain Resistance Products. A great feature of them are their detachable handles, which allow you to easily combine bands for customizable, stacked resistance training. The full set on Amazon comes with a number of benefits: door handle, ankle strap, exercise chart and carrying bag—all for under $25!

What We Love:

  • Affordable price point for shoppers on a budget
  • Detachable handles for stacked resistance
  • Come with a door handle, ankle strap and exercise chart

BUY: Black Mountain Resistance Products, $24.37

Best Resistance Band System - Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym Resistance Band System


The Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym Resistance Band System has a unique take on resistance bands: It uses the frame of a classic archer's bow—but for a very different use. When combined with resistance bands, Gorilla Bow incorporates all your muscle groups. Work through various stances to work legs, arms and more through the full range of motion. Bands range in resistance from 10 to 90 pounds of tension, and the bow frame is made from sturdy aluminum for durability.

What We Love:

  • You can mix up your resistance band home workouts with the unique bow frame
  • A sturdy frame gives solid durability 
  • Two-year warranty

BUY: Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym Resistance Band System, $199

Best Mini Resistance Bands - Fringe Sport Mini Bands


Fringe Sport's Mini Bands are also known as "hip bands" or "booty bands" and aren't the longer bands featured elsewhere on our list. You'll often see them used for physical therapy, as they are fantastic for rehabbing injuries. Fortunately, they are also fantastic at building muscles in your arms, legs, glutes and core! The looped (i.e. non-tubular) bands come in packs between four and 10, with a petite 2-inch width by 9-inch length each. Determining their resistance are the bands' thicknesses, which range from 0.3 mm to 1 mm.

What We Love:

  • Easy to throw in your gym bag or suitcase for workouts on the fly
  • Color-coded for ease of use
  • Affordable

BUY: Fringe Sport Mini Bands, $16

Best Non-Latex Resistance Bands - TheraBand Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands Set


If you have a latex sensitivity, you'll be met with a lot of resistance finding a suitable exercise band. Fortunately, the TheraBand Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands Set has you covered with its synthetic rubber. These non-handle resistance bands are available in a modest 4.3- to 15.3-pound range of resistance rating, but the bands can be wrapped, looped and tied off for additional push and pull. Personal trainers and physical therapists love these bands for warm-up, rehab and prehab activities—and we think you will, too!

What We Love:

  • Suitable for people with allergies to latex
  • The latex-free rubber is soft and non-slip
  • Easily wrap the bands around your limbs, thanks to a good width

BUY: TheraBand Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands Set, $13.99

Most Affordable Resistance Bands - Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands


For another small-band option, look no further than the Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands. Priced under $15 for a set of five, these present an affordable option for working through the accompanying exercise guide you receive with purchase. Keep in mind that these are smaller bands, not the long pull-up bands you might think of when you call to mind this product. But make no mistake about it: You can still work your muscle groups with these small stretch bands.

What We Love:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Comes with an exercise guide
  • Color-codes easily denote resistance level

BUY: Fit Simplify Resistance Loop Exercise Bands, $12.95

Best Stackable Resistance Band Kit - Lifeline Resistance Trainer Kit


With the Lifeline Resistance Trainer Kit you can mix and match up to three of your included 10 cables at a time for customized, stackable resistance. Your purchase includes bands that range from 10 to 100 pounds in resistance, triple grip handles and a door anchor. Multiple resistance level configurations are great for giving you a breadth of options when training, especially when targeting different muscle groups. And Lifeline's resistance bands feature a layered, natural latex build designed for durability.

What We Love:

  • Mix-and-match option gives you stackable resistance
  • Durable build for longevity
  • 10 bands included

BUY: Lifeline Resistance Trainer Kit, $90

Why Are Resistance Bands a Great Addition to Your Training Regimen? 

Resistance bands are one of the simplest yet multifaceted strength training tools available in the fitness space. Sure, we love dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells and bodyweight exercises to build muscle, but resistance bands have a lot to offer as well, like pull-up assistance and push-up resistance. They can be seamlessly incorporated into an ongoing workout routine, like with butt lifts to strengthen glutes, or you can design novel, full-body resistance band workouts.

Oh, and did we mention that they are lightweight and portable? There's a myriad of ways to use resistance bands, so whether you're simply standing on your bands or attached them to a door anchor, you can perform those same muscle-building rows, raises, presses and curls that'll sculpt your triceps, biceps and shoulders without the heavy weights.

Factors to Consider When Looking at Resistance Band Options


Depending on your needs, you may want to buy a resistance band that's more durable, so look for materials like latex versus thermoplastic rubber—especially if you happen to have a phobia of plastic stretching, snapping and being flung at your face. Even lower-quality, plastic bands that haven't yet been subject to much use can suffer environmental degradation from UV rays, so watch out for that as well when it comes to storage. 

On the other end, latex bands won't degrade as much and have the ability to stretch well beyond their original length without risk of snapping, bu they may also trigger allergies.


There are a few basic types of resistance bands—tubular and looped—along with bands that pack unconventional extras, like Gorilla's included bow frame. The type of resistance band you opt for should be guided by which areas of the body you want to target in your strength training workouts. For instance, for upper body moves like bicep curls, tube resistance bands with a sturdy ergonomic handle are your best bet. Loop bands, on the other hand, often lend themselves to lower-body training.


The amount of resistance matters! Look at the different levels of resistance, measured by weight, of the bands to ensure you'll get the pushback you need to gain strength. You'll also want to stay challenged over time, so consider a set of bands or stackable bands for when it's time to level up.

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