The 13 Best Stationary Bikes for Home


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Studies show that spinning is a top-three favorite type of workout class after yoga and Pilates. It's not hard to see why: Cycling can give you a full-body workout quickly, safely and effectively. Unfortunately though, the popularity of spinning also means classes swiftly reach capacity, where even placement on a waitlist is a coveted spot. For that reason, it's a fantastic idea to carve out a spot in a spare room or garage for one a stationary bikes for your home gym.

Our ACTIVE Reviews Team has great recommendations for stationary bikes that will suit every size home gym. Whether you love a trainer-led, high-energy, pumping full-body workout on your bike or prefer a relaxed, recumbent spin session, there's a stationary bike for everyone.

Our broad selection of exercise bikes were tested for factors like stability, compactness and noise levels, and different bikes really shone in different categories, like the Bowflex VeloCore's unique leaning mode for those who want abs of steels, or the MYX bike for those who want a sleek bike with extensive workout programming. These are the 13 machines we most recommend as the best stationary bikes to buy for your home gym in 2021.

Best Stationary Bike for Home - Our Top Picks

Editor's Pick - Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Magnetic


The Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Magnetic exercise bike hits high marks for affordability, portability and durability. As a result, it takes the cake as our Editor's Pick for best stationary bike for home gyms. There is a basic console that gives performance stats to track, and you can readily use the bike's device holder to stream your own workout via a fitness app. Despite its slim profile and easily maneuverable 88-pound weight, the Synergy Magnetic is durable enough for users up to 275 pounds. Quiet, magnetic resistance is manually adjustable, allowing you to push yourself but not your budget. You can nab this bike for just under $500 on Amazon.

  • Footprint: 49 in. length x 22 in. width x 50.5 in. height
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Built-in workouts: No, but performance monitor included

BUY: Sunny Health & Fitness Synergy Magnetic, $499.99

Best High-End Stationary Bike - NordicTrack Commercial S22i


The NordicTrack S22i brings a luxury feel to the stationary bike to really get your heart and mind racing. The bike's 22-inch touchscreen is sizable, on par with a large computer monitor or small TV. The screen can fully rotate for off-bike viewing, allowing you to lie a yoga mat by your stationary bike and squeeze in other classes via your NordicTrack bike's screen. And all that home gym workout content will come with the bike, thanks to a free year of the iFit fitness app. A pair of three-pound dumbbells comes with your bike to use with iFit's strength training workouts as well. Other luxury features on the S22i include Bluetooth compatibility, performance monitoring, two internal speakers and cooling fans. This high-end bike has the price tag to match, so if affordability is an issue, take advantage of NordicTrack's 39-month payment plan with interest-free financing.

  • Footprint: 63 in. length x 22 in. width x 60 in. height
  • Resistance: 24 digital resistance levels
  • Built-in workouts: Yes, via iFit; console included

BUY: NordicTrack Commercial S22i, $1,999

Best Air Bike - Rogue Echo Bike


Dubbed the "Official Air Bike of CrossFit," the Rogue Echo Bike debuted as the brand's first and only stationary bike with a bang. One thing we love is that while competitor air bikes, like the Assault AirBike, use a chain-driven system, the Echo Bike uses a superior belt-driven system to make it quieter, smoother and lower maintenance. Moving handlebars help you achieve a full-body burn, as opposed to getting just the blood moving during a lower body spin workout. At 127 pounds, the Echo Bike also has the mettle for athletes who like to put the pedal to the metal, thanks to its highly durable steel frame and fan. If you need to wheel it around as you organize your space, you can easily do so thanks to one-inch polyurethane front wheels.

  • Footprint: 58.875 in. length x 29.875 in. width x 52.75 in. height
  • Resistance: Fan-driven
  • Built-in workouts: Programmable modes for intervals, target (time, distance or calories) and heart-rate tracking

BUY: Rogue Echo Bike, $795

Best for Full Body Workouts - Titan Fan Bike


The Titan lives up to its name, with a heavy-duty frame that supports up to 330 pounds. Even though this is a substantial bike, you won't pay a hefty price for it–the Titan packs in a lot of value for under $1,000. You won't feel shaky pumping your whole body thanks to the air bike's moving handles, and your workouts are guided by a high contrast, easy-to-read LCD console.

The Titan uses a chain system that's technically traditional to a bike but means more maintenance and more noise than belt-driven air bike counterparts. So if keeping the decibels down is a must for your home gym, you may want to find a bike with quieter resistance.

  • Footprint: 50.25 in. length x 20.375 in. height
  • Resistance: Fan-driven resistance
  • Built-in workouts: Programmable modes for intervals, target (time, distance or calories) and heart-rate tracking

BUY: Titan Fan Bike, $639.99

Best Bike Under $1,000 - Schwinn IC4


Schwinn has made outdoor cycling bikes for more than 100 years, but did you know it also makes a fantastic stationary bike for your home gym? The Schwinn IC4 is one of our favorites and can be scored for just under $1,000 on Amazon. Durable and customizable, the seat and handlebars adjust up, down and side to side. Plus, you can clip cycling shoes into the pedals or rock your regular sneakers. This bike boasts 100 resistance micro-levels that are manually adjustable. You also get a trial run of the JRNY fitness app with your bike, so you can spin to expert-led workout programming—you'll just have to bring your own iPad, which can be perched in the bike's included tablet holder. The machine is also compatible with Peloton and Zwift apps, giving you a plethora of cycling classes to stream.

  • Footprint: 48.7 in. length x 21.2 in. width x 51.8 in. height
  • Resistance: 100 magnetic resistance microlevels
  • Built-in workouts: Yes, with the JRNY app; device not included

BUY: Schwinn IC4, $999.99

Best Peloton Alternative - Echelon EX-3 Connect


Even if its national security risks or product recalls don't dissuade you, the cost alone of the Peloton bike might. Thankfully, the Echelon EX-3 Connect can give your home gym the Peloton experience without the price tag. At a mere $799 (compared to Peloton's starting price of $1,895), the stationary bike delivers loads of resistance, dual pedals for clip-in cycling shoes or regular athletic shoes and three attractive color options to choose from. Like the Peloton, the Echelon features dynamic instructor-led workouts by way of a paid monthly subscription app. Although unlike the Peloton, you have to bring your own tech to stream content from the Echelon Fit app. But with a few downgrades in available features like an integrated console, your wallet will still thank you.

  • Footprint: 55 in. length x 20 in. width x 55 in. height
  • Resistance: Magnetic, 32 resistance levels
  • Built-in workouts: Echelon United app compatibility; console not included

BUY: Echelon EX-3 Connect, $799.99

Best Bike for Core Engagement - Bowflex VeloCore


If you want a bike that really rocks with you, the Bowflex VeloCore is an ideal home gym addition. What sets the Velocore apart from other spin bikes is its "leaning mode," which imitates the thrill of riding through a winding road while engaging your abs. And despite its movement, testers said the durable VeloCore felt sturdy beneath them. Testers also touted the refreshingly high-quality Bluetooth speakers for an exercise bike. The bike does have front wheels if you want a more nimble home gym equipment, but fair warning, you might still need an assist to move the hefty 175-pound machine.

The bike features dual pedals with clip-in or caged sides to accommodate both cycling shoes and regular sneakers, a color console so you can track your workout metrics and an adjustable HD touchscreen for following along to your favorite JRNY workouts. You can opt not to pay for the JRNY subscription after a two-month free trial, but without the subscription, your touchscreen will be little more than window dressing on your ride.

  • Footprint: 59.8 in. length x 24.1 in. width x 55.3 in. height
  • Resistance: Manually adjustable, 100 microlevels of resistance 
  • Built-in workouts: JRNY compatible, 16 in. or 22 in. HD touchscreen included 

BUY: Bowflex VeloCore, $1,699.99

Best Exercise Bike With Dynamic Programming - The MYX II Plus


Another worthy Peloton dupe is the MYX II Plus, which delivers top-notch dynamic programming on par with other apps. Up to five profiles can be made on the MYXfitness app, and with its 360-degree swiveling monitor, you can throw yourself into trainer-led workouts both on or off the bike. You'll be able to choose from scores of workouts led by the best of the best trainers, with new classes available to stream weekly.

For those particular about design, we also love that the MYX has a white or black bike option to seamlessly fit your home gym aesthetic. Best of all though, the MYX is another of the best home gym bikes that brings a Peloton-like experience at a fraction of the cost.

  • Footprint: 54 in. length x 21 in. width x 47 in. height
  • Resistance: Friction, 100 resistance microlevels
  • Built-in workouts: MYX dynamic workouts, 21.5 in. HD touchscreen included

BUY: The MYX II Plus, $1,599

Best Recumbent Stationary Bike - Nautilus R616 Recumbent


A recumbent bike like the Nautilus R616 is a great home gym addition to alleviate a sore back. Pain relief seekers can also opt for the R616's optional white glove delivery service: For just $129 (still keeping the price under $1,000), a technician will assemble the Nautilus R616 in your home. And just because you'll be in a more relaxed position than you would on an upright stationary bike, doesn't mean you won't get a good workout. The R616 ensures you get your cardio burn with 25 levels of magnetic resistance, powered by a heavy flywheel for a smooth-feeling workout. You also get heart rate monitoring, performance tracking with the Explore the World app enabled by Bluetooth, four user profiles and two blue backlit LCD displays. The bike's seat is padded and contoured for comfort with a vented back for cooling airflow.

  • Footprint: 65.3 in. length x 28.3 in. width x 49.6 in. height
  • Resistance: Flywheel, 25 levels
  • Built-in workouts: Yes, includes 29

BUY: Nautilus R616 Recumbent, $599

Best Hybrid Recumbent Bike - ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT


The Proform Hybrid Trainer XT is an ideal recumbent exercise bike if you're also a fan of ellipticals—but not the extra space it takes up. You get a two-in-one with the Proform Hybrid Trainer XT, and each has great applicability to any cardio routine. Recumbent bikes are a fantastic way to stay active if you suffer from lower back pain while an elliptical is ideal for full-body training if your joints give you trouble. You can also let trainer-led dynamic programming lead your workouts, courtesy of a free six-month membership to iFit. Just make sure you bring a streaming device pairable with the Hybrid Trainer's Bluetooth to access the iFit content, which costs $39 a month after the trial. If you don't want iFit's dynamic programming, there are eight elliptical and eight bike workouts built into the machine. You can also still track metrics on the LCD display while you cycle at home to 16 digital resistance levels. 

  • Footprint: 70.5 in. length x 24.5 in. width x 60.5 in. height
  • Resistance: Digital, 16 resistance levels
  • Built-in workouts: Backlit, adjustable console with 16 built-in workouts; iFit compatible with included console

BUY: ProForm Hybrid Trainer XT, $599 

Best Bike That's Attractive Enough to Leave in Your Living Room - XTERRA Fitness MB550 Indoor Cycle Trainer Bike


Stationary bikes and other cardio machines aren't necessarily sculptural works of art that you want to make a focal point of your living room. However, if you are looking for a sleek, conversation-starter when guests come over, meet the XTERRA Fitness MB550. The bike features a white frame with chic black accents that pop and a super sleek chrome-plated flywheel. But the MB550 isn't all style and no substance: You get a smooth ride thanks to its belt-driven system. And although the bike is less quiet than the magnetic resistance bikes we've rounded up, the friction brake provides unlimited resistance for challenging strength workouts to complement your cardio. Because the bike is battery-powered, you can put it wherever you want in your living room or home gym rather than close to an outlet.

  • Footprint: 46 in. length x 23 in. width x 39 in. height 
  • Resistance: Felt pad push brake resistance, 100 micro-adjustment resistance levels
  • Built-in workouts: No

BUY: XTERRA Fitness MB550, $799.99

Best Foldable Stationary Bike - Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike


To be blunt, your home gym will be getting the bare minimum as far stationary bikes go with the Exerpeutic Folding. But if the bare minimum is all you need, especially if you're short on space, we like this bike as an option. At a mere 39 pounds and the ability to fold to half its size, the Exerpeutic Folding is about as small and nimble as a stationary bike gets. 


Despite its humble price, the bike has a few extra features, like an LCD screen, full adjustability and a large seat. One important note: Despite its 300-pound weight capacity, the magnetic tension bike can only support riders a little over 6-feet tall.

  • Footprint: 46 in. length x 19 in. width x 31 in. height
  • Resistance: Magnetic, 8 levels
  • Built-in workouts: No

BUY: Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike, $137.50

Best Under $500 - Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike



If budget is a top priority, you might want to look at the Yosuda, which is a great value exercise bike. The adjustable, padded seat helps you sit comfortably during your cardio workout. You can check your progress with an LCD monitor or mount your device to stream Netflix while you're spinning your wheels. Speaking of wheels, the flywheel is a solid 35 pounds, and although rthe esistance isn't the quietest out there, the Yosuda has a belt-driven system that will be a lot less noisy compared to other chain-driven systems. Water bottle holders keep hydration within arm's reach, and caged pedals will spare you having to invest in costly cycling shoes. This bike also has a small footprint, which is helpful if you're working with limited space.

  • Footprint: 40.5 in. length x 21.5 in. width x 46.06 in. height
  • Resistance: Manual, infinite range of resistance
  • Built-in workouts: No

BUY: Yosuda Indoor Cycling Bike, $279.99

Home Stationary Bike Factors to Consider

Programming Availability

Being able to stream workout programming while pedaling certainly transformed the stationary bike. But a stationary bike isn't useless without interactive programming to go along with it. The vast majority of stationary bikes will come with pre-programmed workouts to energize you. 

One big factor to keep in mind for equipment that does have embedded fitness streaming services: There might be an exclusive deal where only one streaming service is available, which will likely require a monthly fee after a free trial period. For example, the NordicTrack Commercial S22i is compatible with iFit and only iFit. If you opt not to use that model's streaming service, the bike's fancy console might be rendered useless.

Price and Value

Several factors play a role in the price of a stationary bike: durability, tech compatibility, programming and the fancy extras. If you want a lower-priced bike, you'll end up sacrificing something, most likely the tech and immersive programming. However, there are some decent workarounds: Your bike may not come with a fancy touchscreen, but it has Bluetooth connectivity to work with an app on your own phone or tablet.

A home exercise bike's warranty also significantly contributes to its overall value. Take note of how long the frame, parts and console are covered in the event something needs repairing. Many brands will also offer a trial period for you to give their indoor exercise bike a spin.


An exercise bike will usually have a resistance mechanism incorporated, although some rely purely on brake friction, like an outdoor bike. Some bikes will have manually adjustable resistance, and on others, resistance will be digitally adjustable with quick-touch keys. With an air bike, your effort actually determines resistance. 

The type of resistance does matter. Friction-based resistance typically requires the most maintenance, as brake pads wear down fast. Magnetic resistance is quiet while fan resistance can get quite loud (but provides a very refreshing breeze during your workout). Manual adjustments can mean hundreds of levels of resistance, whereas digitally adjusted resistance can be flat-out convenient. There is no right or wrong—just personal preference.

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