5 Reasons to Take a Fitness Vacation

If your idea of a vacation is sitting on a beach, reading a trashy novel, and waiting for the next oversized meal or drink with an umbrella to be served, you're not alone. But you may be missing out.

A fitness vacation, where exercise is the focus of the trip, may be more fun and beneficial to your health.

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Here are five reasons why.

Get Taken Off The Beaten Path

When you run, kayak, climb, swim, or bike away from town, you get away from the tourist scene. You see different stuff, interact with people differently, have unique experiences.

Isn't that what a vacation is supposed to be about?

Relax Deeper

Exercise releases all kinds of happiness-producing chemicals in our brains. What better time to take advantage of these than while on vacation? Exercise can enhance the whole vacation experience: food tastes better, drinks go down a little smoother, and you sleep more deeply.

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Weight Maintenance

A typical vacation packs on about 2-3 pounds. Cruises often double that. Fitness vacations allow participants to at least maintain, and sometimes even lose weight.

Come Back Better

Many fitness vacations offer some level of coaching or instructional service during the trip. Many trip operators employ seasoned coaches and elite athletes as guides. A vacation can be a great time to focus on one aspect of a sport that's been nagging you.

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Hang With Like Minded Folks

Have you ever gone for a quick run while on vacation, only to be stared at like you're some lunatic? Fitness-based vacations put you among a group of people with like-minded goals and interests.

5 Fitness-Based Vacations

Running Away provides three distinct types of journeys: running vacations, training trips and race travel. Trips include lodging, most meals, support vehicles, baggage transports, maps and running route selections and at least one host and/or running expert. Locations include the Berkshires, Spain, and California.

Ciclismo Classico offers cycling vacations around the world. Prices includes  accommodations in 4 and 5 star hotels, inns, and B&Bs, new bikes, most meals, custom travel planning,

SwimVacation offers aquatic travel adventures for people who love to swim. Locations include the British Virgin Islands, Hawaii, and Maine.  Accommodations vary from a 65 foot sailing yacht to private waterfront cabins. Prices include all meals, expert guides, stoke clinics, and professional photography.

Backroads has all kinds of adventures, and their list of hiking vacations is impressive, with offerings worldwide.  They boast small groups, local expertise, and can accommodate a wide variety of abilities.

Hermosa Tours is about mountain biking. They offer single and multi-day mountain bike tours throughout the western United States. Accommodations vary from camping to lodging, and most meals are included.

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