Top 10 Camping Etiquette Tips

4. Keep the Campsite Clean
Our motto is, "Always leave the site cleaner than when you arrived." The last thing we do when packing up on the final day of our trip is clean the site. I pay my children one penny for each piece of trash they pick up, including bottle caps, broken straws, etc. You would be amazed at how clean your campsite can be in a matter of minutes. For two or three dollars, the campground is usually spotless when we leave.

Submitted by Kimberly Clemens

5. Use a Timer for Your Lights
We have heard complaints about people who leave their awning lights on all night. This often bothers people who are sleeping nearby. So, we decided to use an outdoor timer (just as we would for Christmas lights), so that we can "set it and forget it." No one is disturbed by our lights.

Submitted by Brenda and Roger Hagan

6. Write a Note
This tip is easy. All you need is a pen and a piece of paper, and when your trip is over and you are packed and ready to go, take a moment and write a short note to the next camper. I have received a few of these, and have left a few myself. You can tell the new campers about things of interest you discovered during your stay and you can wish them a great time, all in just a few short lines.

Submitted by Rena Walls

7. Pick Up More Than You Bring
We camped a lot when we were kids. As part of our tradition, my family and I would clean up at the end of our stay. We not only cleaned up after ourselves, but each of us had to pick up at least 10 pieces of litter. This was a way of giving thanks for the chance to camp, and to help make the site better for someone else too.

Submitted by Steve Merring

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